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After many months of work, Enterprise Manager Cloud Control has finally been released. It’s a pretty big release, both in terms of the number of enhancement requests that have been added as well as the amount of new functionality. Broadly speaking, the main areas of enhancement in this latest release are:

  1. Framework enhancements, such as the Security Console, private roles, credential enhancements, aggregate target privilege, improved plugin deployments, enhanced target down detection, …
  2. Cloud / DBaaS improvements, including a new self-service framework, more comprehensive service types, enhancements to data cloning, extensible chargeback and metering, simplified setup via Rapid Start Kit 2.0, …
  3. Database Lifecycle additions, like out of the box compliance support for STIG and related frameworks, enhanced automation support for patching and upgrade, detection and management of sensitive data using Enterprise Data Governance, …
  4. Middleware changes, such as SOA provisioning and cloning, JVMD as a Service, IdM patch automation, an enhanced Middleware Summary page, improved SOA tracing, …
  5. Database enhancements, including the AWR Warehouse, an enhanced Exadata cell and storage performance home page. In-Memory Column Store support, …

Since it’s such a big area to cover, Pete Sharman and I are going to share the workload in blogging about it. As we complete blogs in individual areas, the list above will turn into a set of active links, so keep coming back to see what we’ve been able to add!

ASH Analytics Installation and the New EM Job Scheduler, 06/03/14

AWR Warehouse, Part I, 06/04/14 Cloud/DBaaS Features, 06/05/14

AWR Warehouse, Part II, 06/05/14

Lifecycle Management, (DBLM) in EM12c Rel 4, 06/06/14

“Cloud Control to Major Tom” from Andrew Bulloch! 

New and Improved Extensibility Exchange, 06/06/14

Middleware Management Features, 06/09/2014

The Security Console, 06/09/2014

Private Roles, 06/13/2014

BI Publisher in Rel. 4, 6/27/14

AWR Warehouse Webinar, 7/19/14

Patching 101, 7/17/14

Database Consolidation PDBaaS in EM12c, Release 4, 7/19/14

Upgrading Agents with Release 4, 7/23/14

Using the Self-Service Portal with PDBaaS in, 7/23/14

Schema Consolidation in 7/24/14

AWR Warehouse, a Status, 7/24/14

To start out, check out the support resource pages, but keep checking out this page to see our latest blogs on the new features in Release 4!

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  • http://dbakevlar.com/12-1-0-4-is-here/ Mario Dittrich

    Download to Link by Done !

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  • Max

    Hi Kellyn,

    I am trying to find documentation related to AWR Warehouse, but i am not able to find that in documentation. Maybe i missed it, would you please point me in the right direction for the documentation. We were ready to install OEM the other day but then we found out is out and we would rather go with that if possible as we are really really interested in AWR Warehouse.

  • http://dbakevlar.com dbakevlar

    I’ve put a post out on the topic, but not as much as the documentation I’m sure you would have liked more, but will keep trying to get you something soon! :) http://dbakevlar.com/2014/06/awr-warehouse-in-em12c-rel-4/

  • kushal

    How to setup performance analyzing reports using 12c cloud control .
    I want to receive the performance monitoring reports on daily basis like top 20 sqls, most expensive sqls etc But my question is how to set up customized scripts to get the desired output in CC. We haven’t installed BI Publisher Enterprise reports.Could you please help me in this.

    Thanks in Advance!

  • Max


    Thank you for posting a blog on AWR Warehouse. Looking forward to those and the documentation.

    May God bless you. Keep you and Great work !!

  • http://jasonbrownsite.wordpress.com Jason

    Hi Kellyn and / or Pete:

    I am just starting a new project that employs OEM 12C for database and Exadata (1/8th rack). They have already asked me to research upgrading to Oracle 12C next quarter. Do you have any documentation or even a blog post that would document how to perform this with the OEM tool? Any advice would be highly appreciated.

    Jason Brown @dba_jay

  • http://dbakevlar.com dbakevlar

    A few questions- Are you already consolidated to the Exadata and are simply upgrading the databases that are out there or will you be migrating and upgrading?

  • http://jasonbrownsite.wordpress.com Jason

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    1) The Exadata infrastructure is already in place and running on with dual instance RAC 11g. They want me to upgrade to 12C once the dust settles a bit and the infrastructure consultants have moved on. I am very impressed with some of the features in the new OEM12C and I would like to use it if possible. I would be very impressed if I could update one instance and employ a “rolling upgrade.”


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