The Blogger Newbie Quest

I’ve decided it’s probably a good thing that blogspot doesn’t show the *exact* time I publish my posts… ūüôā¬† I rarely write or publish anything before 10pm at night and have been saddened¬†as I’ve become aware, (as I am a perfectionist at heart…) that I’ve made a couple mistakes in my blog.¬† My ADD brain has either raced faster than my fingers could keep up on the keyboard, (meaning¬†clarity of technical facts are just not there when¬†I’ve read through a post later on)¬† or I’ve edited an example script where the actual output wouldn’t have resulted in the error that in my mind it would have, (I swear my brain is like 6 Mcdonald’s Drive throughs, open all at the same time! :))

I’m also surprised that anyone actually¬†reads my blog, so figure if people are calling me out on things if they see something that doesn’t quite sound right or that simply doesn’t work, it must mean they are reading it!¬† I guess my question is, as I’ve only been a blogger for a very short time now-¬† Do I correct the actual post, as the comments aren’t readily available to¬†amend the post in standard view mode¬†or do I physically¬†edit the post and credit the work to the folks that have been great enough to note my brain-lapse?

I’m unsure of¬†the etiquette for how this should apply, but I know what I’ve seen a couple others do, (both good and bad in my own personal opinion) and wanted to know what people think is the best way to handle it.¬† I am perfectly content to give credit where credit is due and I’m always quick to say-¬† I’m not perfect, I screw up all the time-¬† I just don’t GIVE UP and most of my best learning opportunities is from not fearing falling on my face… ūüôā¬† So folks, glad to have any feedback that can be offered and would much prefer to¬†have the right stuff out there¬†than to have (what I like to call) more “DBA myths”¬†floating around on the web¬†that only confuse others trying to do this challenging job! ūüôā

Now, if I could only figure out how to format my SQL more eloquently and to post explain plans clearer…¬† Anyone help me with that?¬† I seem to be absolutely clueless in this department…¬† Guess that’s why I’m a DBA and not a web developer!

Author: Kellyn Pot'Vin

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