RMOUG 2011 Abstract Started

I’ve started working on my abstract to submit for RMOUG 2011.  I want to present on some of the CBO challenges I’ve taken on in the last year with large data sets.   There are a number of tricks that could be very useful to others in how to manipulate the CBO to work with tables over 100G in size.  Many of these tricks were requirements in areas where there have been small design flaws that “confused” the CBO and are very challenging for any DBA.

I would also like to go into the steps I take to ensure that I am completely and intuitively aware of how each of my databases live and breathe on a daily basis.  I believe it is essential to know your data to best manage your database.   This should be an interesting translation to paper, as I am an oddly, intuitive DBA, knowing often by one look at an OEM grid, TOP or even iostat result that something is amiss in one of my environments.

As it’s a busy time at my company, I’m glad to know the abstract will not take too much time to prepare.  I can’t say the same for the presentation, but work and life will slow down soon and I’ll be able to apply myself to the task fully.

The truth be known, I wasn’t very satisfied with my first RMOUG presentation.   The presentation definitely was much better when I gave it in front of the mirror!  On the other hand, I was very satisfied with the reviews-  folks were much, more positive of my presentation than I was and gave excellent feedback that should help me be a stronger presenter this next year.  Most feedback involved my problem with pacing and a stationary microphone.  Many were unable to hear me at times in the back of the room as I moved away from the microphone repeatedly.  I will definitely be wearing a clip-on microphone this upcoming year, (and maybe try to control my nervous pacing I’m so famous for during presentations… :))

I also should find ways to ‘de-sensitize’ myself from the chaotic distractions of the RMOUG conference.  I’ve been very successful at creating a calm work and home environment that allows me to easily cope with my ADHD.  I forgot how impacting all the people, noise, displays and this new environment is for me.  I felt I wasn’t able to think or speak clearly either day of the conference, nor was I able to find a solid, controlled distraction to help me cope.  There always seemed to be some, odd distraction that most others wouldn’t even notice, but for me, it might as well been someone raking their fingernails down a chalkboard-  ADHD is like that and when a distraction exists.  I have to escape from it or find a more dominant, controlled distraction to downplay it with.  Without one of these options,  I’m fighting to stay on track every second, unable to focus on my presentation.

I really hope the lessons I learned from this last year allow me to give a more solid presentation this next year.  Onto my abstract-  wish me luck!

Author: Kellyn Pot'Vin