RMOUG 2011- Looking Good!

My slides and white paper are all submitted for RMOUG 2011 and I’m starting to get a bit anxious about the event.    Being the “hometown girl” to represent Pythian comes with some new pressures that I didn’t feel last year when total failure just meant I was making a fool out of myself… 🙂

The schedule is looking pretty good so far, but as it goes every year, there are a number of presentations that I would like to attend that are all scheduled the same time as my own, (OK, so I would have only been able to attend ONE of them, but I can still whine a bit about it..:))

If you haven’t had a chance to take a look at the schedule, 2011 is a great lineup:  http://www.teamycc.com/RMOUG_2011_Conference/Agenda.html

The Oracle Ace and Ace Directors lunch is always a great way to ask the questions to the experts, as well as more exposure to Oracle’s Ace program.

As I love the networking aspect of this conference, I have a list of folks I really want to meet this year and peers that I consider friends.  This is also a chance to meet coworkers/peers that I’ve only chatted or emailed with-  It will be nice to put a face with the text!

In my list there are some great expert sessions to attend.  I would like to meet my “sister from another mother”, Robyn Sands, who runs her blog, “ADHD OCD DBA”, ( bet you can’t figure out what she and I might have in common, eh? :))  Alex Gorbachev, who I either refer to as “the Boss” or “His Oracle Godliness” will be presenting a number of sessions, as well as participate on the Oracle Ace and Ace DirectorPanel.  Cary Milsap will also be presenting and participate on the Ace Panel.  I have “ear marked” sessions with Kyle Hailey,  and Jean-Pierre Dijcks, who I still have an open discussion with on parallel execution in 11g, (well, the discussion is still ongoing in my head, at least… :))

We have some of my local favorites presenting this year, too.  Randy Cunningham of SageLogix, Tim Gorman of Evergreen,  Dan Fink of Arisant and James Koopmann of Pine Horse. 

I’ve decided as icing on the cake, I really want to talk to Slavik Markovich Sentrigo about his experience with janitors attacking and Gary Garrison about what you do if you DID get an Exadata for Christmas.

Everytime I go through the schedule, I find more gem sessions that make me want to rethink my previous schedule choices, but I have a couple more weeks to change my mind, so I’m sure it’s to happen a few more times at least.

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January 23, 2011

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  • jkoopmann

    Kellyn, was GREAT getting caugth up with you, always fun to talk with you AND putting you on my list of people to listen to as well. All the best with Pythian. – James

  • Good to see you back out on the circuit, too, James!