RMOUG Board of Directors

I started to write this blog post almost two months ago and finally updated it to post to the site.  I think it’s a bit more fun in hindsight anyway… 🙂

With my children at an age where they really would like their mother to just go get a life, (and get out of theirs as much as possible… :)) I chose this year to approach Ron Bich and Tim Gorman at RMOUG training days and state my interest in participating more.  I was quickly informed there was no escape at that point and told I had to put my name in for the board of directors for RMOUG. 

My first thought was “out of the pan and into the fire”, but I am known for being a little fearless anyway, so took a deep breath and wrote out my campaign statement, submitting it on the very last day it could be accepted.   The acceptance was uneventful and I’ve chosen to become the director of memberships and vendors for the year.  

Stay tuned, I hope to help out anywhere I can, making a positive impact with my own connections, social network and such.  We’ll see if my new blood mixes well with the old or if they reject me and throw me out on the street… as many know, I can be a bit obnoxious… 🙂

Author: Kellyn Pot'Vin

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