First Day at Oracle Open World

After a long first day and a 33 hr train ride in, I’m ready for a fun and enjoyable Ace dinner that I’m a lucky guest to. 

First day, being Sunday, is commonly quiet, but Tim had two sessions that I wanted to attend and time flew by with meetups, expert panels, etc. I met a number of great new people today and saw some more old friends, (or as “new blood”, can I refer to them as old?) 

I was still recovering after a fantastic get-together at Graham Woods from lastnight.  I was impressed with the great group of people inattendance.  DBA Gods like Tim Gorman, Alex Gorbachev, Cary Millsap, Kerry Osbourne and even demi-Gods like Frits Hoogland and Greg Rahn were there.  I met,(finally) so many others that have been on my list.

Author: Kellyn Pot'Vin