OOW11 Dinners

Yes, typing on my tablet screen again, so patience with my short posts…:-)

Had the pleasure of attending both the ACE and Oak table dinners the last two nights.  Wonderful, impressive and technically gifted people at every table and a fantastic opportunity to meet so many that I’ve only known virtually.  I enjoyed another set of high energy conversations with Gwen Shapira, Debra Lilley, Robyn Sands and Lisa Dobsen- all women who make me proud of the representatives of my gender in the technical world. 

Spent sometime with Mark Bobak, Kent G., Alex G., Craig S., Jeremy Schneider, Mike Swing and Yuri Y.  I was also so thrilled to spend time with a virtual team member, Andy Klock- great guy to work with and happy to meet in person.  Carol Dacko did a phenomenal job planning the Oak Table event and I know Robyn Sands helped with some of the arrangements, too.  Mogens N. Is beyond entertaining and his legend is intact another year.  I threatened to stalk Tanel unless he signed my Exadata book, (thank you, thank you Kerry Osbourne for the copy…) and still am missing mentioning many others that should be named here.  All made an impact and were a pleasure to meet.

Food and spirits pale in comparison to the wonderful opportunity these dinners offer us all to sit and speak with the peers we admire so much…

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