This is my first blog post that isn’t on a technical subject, but this one has been rolling around in my head the last couple days…

Jessica Ridgeway’s home is not far from my own.  My ex-husband owned a home just four blocks from hers and my dogs played at the dog park in the open space off of Simms St., two blocks over.  I’m 99% sure that Jessica went to the same McDonalds that my youngest son goes to each week before heading over to Boy Scout’s on 100th and Wadsworth and I just shopped at that King Soopers in the same location very recently.

I can’t imagine the pain the family is going through and yes, my children are on a shorter leash, even though they are in their teens.  These are all good neighborhoods.  There is a golf course just off of 108th in Jessica’s neighborhood and like I said, a really cool open space with a dog park just west of it.  North Metropolitan airport is less than a mile on Simms and then you can turn east and head towards the Oracle campus and roads that lead to Flat Irons Mall.

What spurred this blog post?  I’ve been obsessed with this story as is the rest of the country and as it’s close to home, maybe even more so.  As I’ve read the stories, comments at the bottom of many of the news sites have caught my attention from time to time.  We wonder about the monsters that take children and yet we can’t even act with sympathy when leaving comments in news stories.

Some of the less offensive ones, that I can list here:

“The Republicans are to blame..”

“Obama must have taken her…”

“Who would take her, she’s too ugly!”

“I’ve noticed that all parents of abducted kids are obese…”

What is the matter with people?  We ask for kindness, sympathy, assistance and for a better world, yet we can’t even have the common decency to act appropriately in a comment section of a news story?

My faith in humanity is again questioned…


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