I had the opportunity to speak yesterday at the NoCOUG, (Northern California Oracle User Group) Fall Conference and today at the RMOUG, (Rocky Mtn. Oracle User Group) Quarterly Education Workshop.  Why? Considering I had surgery this last Saturday, I may be a glutton for punishment, but I did enjoy both events, (RMOUG’s is still going on right now as I type this post… :))

I did the same presentation for both events, my “Sherlock Holmes for the DBA”, a favorite that goes through optimization features available in Oracle, (ASH, AWR and tracing) along with how and why to perform optimization exercises effectively in a database environment.

I also spent a couple minutes chatting with the RMOUG members before I began, discussing a conversation that occurred the day before at lunch with Maria Colgan, Jeff Jacobs, Iggy Fernandez and Tim Gorman about the success of RMOUG and the value of this incredible user group.  I asked them to share this to their managers, along with the investment into the community with Training Days coming up in February.  The content and value of this conference just can’t be beat and hopefully I shared some of this with the group today! :)

Anyone interested in my slides from the last two days presentations, please feel free to download them from my Google drive site: Sherlock Holmes for the DBA

Thanks to Gwen Shapira and Iggy Fernandez for everything at NoCOUG and Carolyn Fryc for having me speak locally.  Always a pleasure!

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