RMOUG- Tomorrow is Last Day for Early Bird Pricing!

Thought I would spend my lunch hour with my Training Days Director hat on and telling folks about RMOUG Training Days 2013 today.  Tomorrow is the last day to take advantage of early bird pricing.  If interested in the details, click here.

The conference, as many know will be held on February 12th and 13th with the 11th reserved for OTN Day, University Sessions and Cary Millsap’s Mastering Trace Data.  Tomorrow is the last day to get the great early bird pricing for registration, so it’s a great time to get in on the best price for 150+ sessions, take advantage of registering for free OTN day with Kris Rice, Maria Colgan, David Peake and Jeff Smith, (seats are limited!) or if you want to get in some more deep sessions, we have for a small cost, University sessions.  These four hour sessions are on various topics for DBA’s and Developers from John King, Scott Spendolini, Jean-Pierre Djicks and others.  Again, seating is limited, so register soon or lose out on the opportunity to attend these great additional offerings from RMOUG.  Cary Millsap has been gracious enough to offer his one day course, that can easily be registered and paid for through us, on the 11th.  His Mastering Trace Data is one of my absolute favorites, so I can recommend the value of this seminar.

This year for the conference, we have over 30 Oracle ACE and ACE Director’s speaking.  I would like everyone attending to know how incredibly important that is.  With the changes in how Oracle pays for ACE Director travel, know that each of these directors have invested their own time and money to travel and speak at Training Days and I’m honored to have them here.  Our ACE support is second to none for regional conferences and I’m always thrilled with how gung-ho everyone is about RMOUG Training Days.

We are again located at the Colorado Convention Center, taking up the same ballrooms and conference rooms.  Free WIFI will be provided and Arrisant did a wonderful job sponsoring our mobile app for the event, which will be Guidebook.  If you haven’t seen this app, it rocks!  I used it the first time at a couple SQLPass events and couldn’t believe hoe fluid and easy to use it was over other event apps I’d tried.  It has a full twitter feature built into the app, allows with a simple scan or web page download to add the app and the events guidebook to your own mobile device.  It has a schedule builder with reminders and email options to keep you on track throughout the event.  I’m very much looking forward to adding this to our conference this year.

We’ve really gone for seriously crazy content this year.  Attendees will have the advantage of seeing presenters they’ve never had the opportunity to see before in Denver, along with old favorites, too.  Maria Colgan, Cary Millsap, Kerry Osborne, Alex Gorbachev, Debra Lilley, Gwen Shapira will be back, along with new speakers like Frit Hoogland, Galo Balda, Alex Fatkulin and Michael Abbey, to name just a few.

Another newer aspect of the conference is that we are realizing how many DBA’s and Developers with the changes in their environments are expected to know a lot more about platforms other than just Oracle.  We introduced through our Quarterly Education Workshops, (very successfully) MySQL sessions and we are now going to provide some excellent MySQL sessions at Training Days this year from the likes of Kevin Larson and Sheeri Cabral.  We have Steve Jones, one of the greats from SQL Server Central presenting, along with one of my buddies and co-authors from our latest book, Chris Shaw and a number of others giving you what you need to help support SQL Server environments.

For those of you in the Big Data world, it is a smorgasbord of offerings.  We have Hadoop, NoSQL and sessions on how it all fits in with Oracle.  Exadata has almost enough sessions to have it’s own category!  If you want to know about new Oracle 12c features or EM12c, yes, you have come to the right place.

Our keynote this year is from the wonderful Mr. Mogens Norgaard from Miracle in Denmark.  Mogen will be speaking on the great frontier of mobile development and how it impact the database world.  He spoke back at RMOUG in 2006 or 2007, but all I remembered was he was my favorite RMOUG speaker of all time, so I was thrilled when he agreed to speak this year!

For the women out there that wonder if it is worth spending the time from work to go to a technical conference, (we are always the ones that agree to stay behind, don’t we??)  There is a session after lunch for Women in Technology.  I will be heading up a panel with Karen Morton, Maria Colgan, Gwen Shapira, Alex Gorabchev and Debra Lilley.  We are going to be discussing with the audience how we can involve women more in Oracle User Groups, in conferences and in IT networking in general.  Group participation is a large part of this session, it will not be just a panel of folks up stage talking.  We really want to know where the database community can improve the lives of the women that are part of it so they can contribute and benefit from it in return.

There are a number of other wonderful additions to this conference.  I always appreciate how much everyone receives for the incredibly low cost.  If you have any questions, email me, always glad to help and want to publicly thank everyone for all the support they give RMOUG.

See you in February!! 🙂

Author: dbakevlar