First Week at Oracle

I was warned it would be difficult.  I was warned that it would be time-consuming and painful, but I survived without as much as a scratch on me.

This last week was my first week at Oracle and it was really, really great.  The on board process wasn’t difficult at all.

Maybe it was because I was told to be prepared for a difficult and challenging week, so I was prepared for something very difficult and it was much easier than I imagined.

Maybe it was because I had new challenges and interesting new environments to work in, which made the week go by fast and the on board tasks seem minimal.

Maybe it was because I have an excellent manager and peers who made sure I had everything I needed.

Maybe it was because I had excellent advisers and support inside so when I had a question, Tyler, Jeff, Courtney, Pete, Werner and others were there to quickly help me out.

Maybe it’s just that Oracle has a lot of processes, applications and good people in place that makes coming on board a pretty pleasant experience.

Onto week two! 🙂

Author: dbakevlar

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