KSCOPE 2014, Seattle!

Just a blog post on the great conference coming up at the end of the month from ODTUG, KSCOPE 2014.  The conference will be held in Seattle, Washington this year, (yeah, look forward to cooler temperatures than last year in New Orleans KSCOPE 2013… :))

I’ll be heading up the Database Track and the Women in Technology, (WIT) luncheon this year again for the conference and I recommend you don’t miss out!

The Hands on Training for the Database Track is shaping up nicely thanks to some very hard work from Yury Velikanov, Michelle Malcher, Leighton Nelson, John Piwowar, Tim Gorman.  Don’t know what I would do without them!

The panel for WIT has done a great job as we’ve emailed fascinating and sometimes crazy discussions on the challenges of women in the tech industry and sometimes wandering off onto culture in general!  I don’t think many folks can say they’ve had the chance to educate Alex Gorbachev, but next time you see him, ask him what “thigh gap” is… 🙂  The women on the panel, Amy Caldwell, Sarah Zumbrum, Heli Helskyaho and this year’s brave guy to join us, Alex Gorbachev are ready to discuss some great topics with the attendees and we all look forward to your contributions!

I’ll also have two sessions, along with helping out with the Hands on Lab and support of the Oracle booths.  My two technical sessions will be Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Services and Self-Service Portal and Not Your Father’s Enterprise Manager.  I will be covering a ton of new features from Release 4 and can’t wait to dig in deep on all the new, cool stuff out!

Some of the great speakers this year for the Database Track include Melanie McCaffrey, Cary Millsap, Michelle Malcher, Yury Velikanov, Carlos Sierra and even Richard Foote is making a rare trip to the US to speak at the conference on what else?  Indexes, his favorite subject! 🙂

Every year KSCOPE has a FANTASTIC special event and this year is no different!  Everyone will be at the Experience Music Project for an evening of rocking out to one of the most unique places I’ve ever seen!  I’m dressing up as a famous rocker for the evening, (not saying what one!)  Will you?

There are still opportunities to register for this great conference that is less than two weeks away, so if interested check out their site and register!  See you in Seattle in just a couple weeks!



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