EM13c Cloning- Part II, Demands from Test Master and Kellyn

On my previous post, I submitted a job to create a test master database in my test environment.  Now my test environment is a sweet offering of containers that simulate a multi-host scenario, but in reality, it’s not.


I noted that after the full copy started, my EMCC partially came down, as did my OMR, requiring both to be logged into and restarted.

Upon inspection of TOP on my “host” for my containers, we can see that there is some serious CPU usage from process 80:

 80 root 20 0 0 0 0 R 100.0 0.0 134:16.02 kswapd0
24473 oracle 20 0 0 0 0 R 100.0 0.0 40:36.39 kworker/u3+

and that this is Linux process is managing the swap, (good job, Kellyn! :))

$ ps -ef | grep 80
root 80 2 0 Feb16 ? 02:14:36 [kswapd0]

The host is very slow to respond and is working hard.  Now what jobs are killing it so?  Is it all the test master creation?


Actually, no, remember, this is Kellyn’s test environment, so I have four databases that are loading to a local AWR Warehouse and these are all container environments sharing resources.

I have two failed AWR extract jobs due to me overwhelming the environment and can no longer get to my database home page to even remove them. I had to wait for a bit for the main processing to complete before I could even get to this.

As it got closer to completing the work of the clone,I finally did log into the AWR Warehouse, removed two databases and then shut them down to free up resources and space.  We can then see the new processes for the test master, owned by 500 instead of showing as the oracle OS user as they’re running on a different container than the one I’m running the top command from:

24473 root 20 0 0 0 0 R 100.0 0.0 52:23.17 kworker/u3+
15682 500 20 0 2456596 58804 51536 R 98.0 0.2 50:07.48 oracle_248+
 5034 500 20 0 2729304 190600 181552 R 91.1 0.8 8:59.36 ora_dbw0_e+
 2946 500 20 0 2802784 686440 626148 R 86.8 2.8 3:15.62 ora_j019_e+
 5041 500 20 0 2721952 19644 17612 R 68.6 0.1 6:36.20 ora_lg00_e+

It looks a little better thou as it starts to recover from me multi-tasking too much at once.  After a certain amount of time, the test master was finished and up:


I did get it to the point during the clone where there was no swap left:

KiB Mem : 24423596 total, 178476 free, 10595080 used, 13650040 buff/cache
KiB Swap: 4210684 total, 0 free, 4210684 used. 1148572 avail Mem

They really should just cut me off some days… 🙂

Note:  Followup on this.  Found out upon comparing the host environment to my other environments, the swap was waaaaaay too low.  This is a good example of what will happen if you DON’T have enough swap to perform these types of tasks, like cloning!




Author: dbakevlar