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May 15th, 2017 by dbakevlar

After looking at my upcoming schedule for 2017, I realized that I need to start posting on where and what conference(s) I’m at regularly.

With that realization, I present “Where in the World is Goth Girl” posts that will help keep track of me, (before my husband has a homing device surgically implanted in my brain….:))

This week I’m in Manhattan for Data Summit 2017, presenting on Wednesday on Database Virtualization.  As soon as I’m done presenting on Wednesday, I’m heading to the airport to fly to Cleveland for the second day of NEOOUG, Great Lakes Oracle Conference, (GLOC) 2017 to present twice on Thursday morning before we fly out that evening for home.

I have two slide decks that I’ve just gone through and revamped for the events and I’m rather proud of my entertaining and aestethically pleasing, powerpoint accomplishment.  Seriously, how can you not love slides like this?

I’ll be speaking on Database Virtualization and the Cloud at both events and then my second session at GLOC will be on Test Data Management for DBAs.  As many people know- I try to connect with as many people as I can while at events, so if you see a Linkedin connection or Twitter follow from DBAKevlar, it’s just me being social!




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February 6th, 2017 by dbakevlar

Ah, yes, it’s that RMOUG Training Days time of the year again!

As a techie, I didn’t put a lot of time into my slides when I first started presenting, thinking I’d simply dazzle them with my amazing knowledge.

What I found is that slide deck skills don’t just help your presentation, they help you tell the story better, which should be the goal of every presenter.  No matter how technical we are, we most likely haven’t had any formal Powerpoint training and as I’ve been upping my “PPT skills” this last year, I thought I’d share with the rest of the class…:)

Presenter View

Presenter View something that would have really helped me out when I first started.  To not have to remember every little detail and to have my notes displayed at the bottom of my screen would have been a stellar advancement.

Having notes at the bottom upped my presentation game, as I found I removed much of the text on my slides and instead used reference links to blog posts, articles and white papers to fully engage the attendee in my sessions vs. receiving minimal thoughts displayed on a slide.

I found that I went to more full screen graphics with a single phrase and was able to simply talk with the audience, having my notes keep me on topic, without having a slide full of discussion points that were more for me than those in attendance



A picture is worth a thousand words, but a moving picture?  That’s a whole story and the reason people go to movies, watch TV and why even adults like cartoons.  We can display an idea with movement more completely than a still image.

Powerpoint makes animations quite simple and it just takes the ability to group, highlight and animate with the animation toolbar:

All the basic and even a number of advanced animations are available to make your presentations pop and the ability to create a complex animation to get your point across!

Full Screen Graphics

Why is it great to have every other or every third slide a full screen graphic?  It gives the audience a rest between the data they’ve been taking in and with technical or complex topic presentations, your attendee is likely to appreciate the break.

No matter if you’ve just discussed the algorithm used for a specific data masking feature or like the slide above, discussing networking for geeky introverts, a slide like this makes an impact and the audience will more likely remember intricate details when combined with a humorous phrase and memorable picture.

Always use stock images and if you end up using an image from someone else’s site, etc. ask and give credit.



I used to update all my slides to a new template by copying them over in slide view, but now I know that I can switch them to a new slide template and switch out individual slides to new single template slides with the Layout menu in Powerpoint.

Having more control about the layout-  everything from text, to graphics, etc. saves me time from manually updating everything in a single slide.  If there is a common format that you use, you can make a copy of the template and save it off to use in the future, too.

Well, it’s time for me to get more tasks in preparation for the conference done!  We’re looking forward to seeing everyone at RMOUG Training Days 2017!

Conference Sessions:

Wednesday:  Introduction for Connor McDonald from Oracle, 2017 Keynote- 9:45am, Main Ballroom

  Lunch with the Experts- 12:30pm, Main Ballroom

                       Women in Technology Round Table with Komal Goyal and Rene Antunez– 1:15pm, room 1A

Social Media, the Next Generation with Rene Antunez– 4pm, room 1A

Welcome Reception Host- 5:30pm in the Main Ballroom

Thursday:      Delphix Hands on Lab- 9:00am in the OTN Area

 Lunch with the Experts– 12:30pm, Main Ballroom

Closing Session for the OTN Area– 2:00pm

Virtualization and the Cloud– 4:00pm- room 4F

I will be found at the Registration Desk, the OTN area doing interviews, taking pictures and videos throughout the other times of the conference!

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October 27th, 2014 by dbakevlar

I’ve just returned from my honeymoon in Venice with the wonderful Tim Gorman, but before we enjoyed our week in this picturesque city, we spent a week doing joint keynotes and two sessions each on our own tech topics at these two incredible conferences in neighboring countries.

SIOUG, (Slovenia Oracle User Group) in Ljubljana, Slovenia held their 2014 conference Oct. 13th-14th at the Plaza Hotel.  Tim and I did a joint keynote, “Assumptions, the Death of First Dates and Tech Projects Around the World” which was great fun, as it’s loaded with a number of Pulp Fiction stills that transcends any language barrier and gets everyone finding humor in the obvious, but also understanding how important it is to never assume anything in the tech world.

As soon as we arrived via car, driving in from Venice, we were hosted to a wonderful, traditional Slovenian dinner by Joze, @joc1954 and Lily Senegacnik and started hanging out with Milena Gerova, @milenagerova and Nikolay Kovachev, (both from the Bulgarian Oracle User Group).  A great time was had by all and the conference was wonderful!  Throughout both conferences, both Milena and Nikolay were in the middle of a number of technical and social events, always having a great time!


Once finished with the two day conference in Slovenia, we then took a wonderful drive down to Croatia to present the same sessions and keynote at the HROUG, (Croatian Oracle User Group) fall conference in Rovinj, Croatia.  This is a beautiful small town on the coast and we were not disappointed.

I’d met the HROUG president at the IOUC summit back at the end of September and seeing him in his “element” was well worth the time!  Davor is bigger than life and treated us as if we were all family.  He sang with the wonderful band that played at many of the events and ensured we had both a tour of the wonderful town of Rovinj, along with an incredible meal!


The actual 2014 conference was held at the Hotel Istra on the island near Rovinj.  It was an absolutely beautiful location to do a keynote and tech sessions.  We were humbled by the incredibly positive feedback Tim and I received from both conferences keynote attendees and thrilled that it was received so well.  We also appreciated the support of Zoran Pavlovic, @ChallengeZoran and Maja Vaselica, @orapassion, (Serbian Oracle User Group) as we pointed them out as a fellow and rare Oracle couple.  It was wonderful to finally meet them and get to know these two wonderfully warm and technically bright folks!  I was also impressed that as many folks as there were attended the advanced EM12c concepts and of course, the AWR Warehouse had a great turnout, as expected.


Both conferences are well worth the time and effort, my only recommendation is, if you decide to drive there with a rental car, just make sure that you purchase a Vignette BEFORE coming into the country, (or Switzerland, Austria or Bulgaria, too!) I’ll leave you folks to ask Tim what happens when you don’t! 🙂



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