• Fantastic! Thx for sharing 🙂

  • Recently i found your presentation ASH and AWR performance data, I enjoyed the video on youtube , and also now I can see the pdf of the presentation. Digger who you are is amazing you share the scripts for all the platforms.

    ( after 16 years worked with oracle and 11 years with sqlserver)
    My Litle suggestions to add to sqlserver scripts

    1.adam machanic Who is active (http://sqlblog.com/blogs/adam_machanic/archive/2012/03/22/released-who-is-active-v11-11.aspx)
    2. Michelle Ufford db_index_defrag (Marvelous )
    3.Brent Ozar ( Find Indexes Not used) http://sqlserverpedia.com/wiki/Find_Indexes_Not_In_Use
    4.Grant Fritchey (Scary DBA) ( https://www.simple-talk.com/sql/sql-tools/custom-metrics-for-monitoring-database-mirroring/)

    Very useful tool
    Performance Dashboard Reports (Microsoft 2005,2008,2012)
    SQLNexus (Microsfot) the reports are amazing

    1. tanel poder snaper ( Brilliant ) (http://tech.e2sn.com/oracle-scripts-and-tools/session-snapper)
    2. Randolf Geist’s Extended DISPLAY_CURSOR (http://oracle-randolf.blogspot.com/2011/12/extended-displaycursor-with-rowsource.html)
    3. Kerry Osborne (Thank you teacher ) create and fix sql_profile.
    4.NORBERT DEBES asm hidden parameters

    My favorite tool
    sqlplus and Mumbai

  • Hi – I am looking for a way to duplicate a database:
    – use of “set newname”, not using db_file_name_convert, etc
    – back to a point in time, when a particualr TS still had existed. TS has been dropped including contents and datafiles -> the actual controlfile does not know about it anymore.
    So generating the set newname syntax will miss the datafiles from the past if I query v$datafiles from the production database.
    I need to find a way to restore the correct controlfile to the testserver and query that one prior to duplicate the database with “set until time”…
    Hope you can understand my issue and hope you find a minute to give me a line back.
    Best regards, Andy

  • sumanth

    Could you please update on this.

    i found this query in your site .

    SQL> select opname “Description”, round(totalwork/60/60) “Minutes Spent”, round(time_remaining/60/60) “Minutes Left”, sid
    from v$session_longops
    where sid in (2129)
    order by time_remaining desc 2 3 4
    5 /

    Description Minutes Spent Minutes Left SID
    —————————————————————- ————- ———— ———-
    Hash Join 350 5 2129

    SQL> !date
    Wed Feb 26 15:25:18 NZDT 2014

    SQL> select opname “Description”, round(totalwork/60/60) “Minutes Spent”, round(time_remaining/60/60) “Minutes Left”, sid
    from v$session_longops
    where sid in (2129)
    order by time_remaining desc 2 3 4
    5 /

    Description Minutes Spent Minutes Left SID
    —————————————————————- ————- ———— ———-
    Hash Join 350 3 2129

    Wed Feb 26 16:22:00 NZDT 2014



  • Cindi

    Hi Kellyn,

    Love your site, best wishes with your new endeavors.

    We have had OEM 12c for a while now, But we are getting ready to setup our first email alerts there for such things as the alert log errors and out of tablespace. Any recommended articles for me?


  • Hi Cindi,
    Thank you, I appreciate the kind words. I would actually start with ensuring that all is set up properly in your EM12c environment and then reading through the alerting piece in this blog series I wrote a while back: http://dbakevlar.com/2013/08/em12c-enterprise-monitoring-part-i/ Oracle documentation always comes in handy: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E24628_01/doc.121/e24473/notification.htm
    and if you have any questions, just let me know!

  • Najm Qureshi

    Hi Kellyn,

    Nice to see your site. It’s really helpful in many ways for DBAs.
    We are using OEM 12c ( on RHELS 5.10 platform and we are trying to get space recommendations through OEM segment advisor.After running the OEM Segment Advisor successfully, we are not able to see segment space recommendations for the specific segment after running segment advisor.Below is the path which we are following.
    DB Home page > schema > database objects > tables > schema/objectName > Actions lovs > Run Segment Advisor > Go.
    After completing segment advisor run when we click on it. it’s not showing any recommendations.
    Please advise if we are missing here anything.
    Thank you,
    Najm Qureshi.

  • I’d be curious if there were actually none to be offered. Could you check the database to see if there are some recommendations that could be made?
    SELECT segment_name, allocated_space , used_space , reclaimable_space
    FROM TABLE(dbms_space.asa_recommendations())
    WHERE segment_owner not in (‘SYS’,’SYSTEM’)
    AND segment_type =’TABLE’;

    Let me know if there is data results-


  • Claud Naisid


    I have maybe what appears to be a real silly question, but I will ask anyway.

    Can I run a limited version of the AWR warehouse on a standard edition server?


  • DBAkevlar

    So I can clarify your question- there’s a limited EE license that comes as part of the AWR Warehouse install fort the repository. Second-ash and AWR are only available on a licensed ee database with the diagnostic and tuning pack, do you wouldn’t be able to spend a load from an SE database.
    Hope this answers your question.

  • Navneet Upneja

    I went through our publication on DataOps and I must admit that it is not only one of the more clear document describing the future role and responsibilities of any DBA but at the same time is immense motivating.. or atleast to me.. I have a complete different view point at this moment after spending last 60 minutes reading through the document. Thanks for composing this wonderful piece.

  • DBAkevlar

    Thank you for your kind words!