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The Importance of Oracle User Groups from OTN

ASH and AWR Performance Data from Redgate

The Enterprise Manager Command Line Interface, (EMCLI) from Redgate

Oracle’s Extensibility Exchange, including plug-ins and other useful downloads!

Extensibility Exchange

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Tim Gorman

Maria Colgan

Tanel Poder

Jonathan Lewis

Cary Millsap

Karen Morton

Alex Gorbachev

Kerry Osborne

DBA Blogs:

Robyn Sands

Greg Rahn

Kent Graziano

Leighton Nelson

Brian Pardy

Brett Curtis

Bobby Curtis

Brent Ozar — SQL Server, but the Oracle folks could learn a thing or two, also… :)

Robert Zoeteweij  — Get’s to blog about all the stuff I’m just writing in books.  Nice to see it in a URL!!  He does a fantastic job, too! :)

Martin Bach — Good stuff on EM12c

Gohkan Atil — More EM12c Schtuff!

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Another of Tanel’s

RMOUG, Rocky Mountain Oracle User Group