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AWR Warehouse in EM12c, Rel 4, Part II

So, there is a lot to cover on this topic and I hope Part I got you ready for more!  Part II, I’m going to cover the following areas of the AWR Warehouse: Installation Access ETL Load Process Installation Let’s start with Prerequisites: The AWR Warehouse Repository must be version or higher. The Targets […]

AWR Warehouse in EM12c Rel. 4

I know a number of us performance tuning DBAs who’ve long wanted to retain AWR data, at least high-level AWR data for an extended period outside of the AWR repository on the local database. I implemented my own solution back in 2009-2010 at a previous employer as I was tired of hearing, “nothing’s changed”.  Nothing […]

Installation of ASH Analytics with EM12c Rel4

If you have the Diagnostics/Tuning Management Packs and EM12c, you should be installing ASH Analytics to get the full benefit of optimization data that is available via the AWR and ASH. ASH Analytics is the future of the Top Activity view and I’ve written a number of posts on the value of the ASH Analytics […]

The DBSNMP Account and User

I talk a lot about Enterprise Manager 12c, from the OMS all the way to the EM CLI and the Agent, but I was discussing some interesting history with the account used by the OEM Management Agent- the DBSNMP account. The origination of the DBSNMP account was to support Oracle SNMP, (Simple Network Management Protocol.)  […]

Why Go To Oracle?

I’m still asked this question, as I’ve worked for some really fantastic companies in the past and the idea that I “gave up” my Oracle ACE Director and my voting board position at RMOUG seems a high price to pay when I could have gone anywhere.  I do appreciate it, as many just want what’s […]

EM12c- Dealing with Unknown Targets

Most of you know I don’t like pink, but I also am not a fan of yellow. Yellow houses Yellow flowers Yellow in my EM12c summary page You know what yellow I’m talking about: Now I’m just as disturbed by the red section of that graph, but today, we’re going to focus on the unknown, […]

Enterprise Manager 12c- Management Packs and Licensing Information

I’m often asked what management pack is used by what feature and there is actually a very easy way to find out this information in the EM12c console. Let’s say we are in ASH Analytics and want to view what management packs are required as part of this feature utilization: Click on the global Setup […]

DBA Kevlar is BACK!! :)

So back at the end of the EM CAB, I’d received an email stating I had an over-sized database and too many hits to continue on Go Daddy as the host for my website.  I called into tech support to understand what options I had, but was never told that I had any option but […]

REPVFY Diagnostics, Part II of a Zillion

We are back to REPVFY, (Repository Verification Utility) this week, (first post can be found here…)  And I’m onto the next file of substance since looking at the advisor log, (performance data).  The next files are the two “details” files.  One is a query used to produce the output and the second is the actual […]

ASH Analytics- Viewing Activity Combinations

When working with Top Activity, we’re accustomed to viewing to wait class in the top, graphed area and below left, the top SQL by SQL_ID and below right is our Top Session information.  ASH Analytics was designed so you would enter into a view that looked very similar to Top Activity, but was enhanced so the […]

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