August 10th, 2017 by dbakevlar

In my latest blog post on the Delphix site, I continue my conversation with why DevOps is the next step for DBAs and how DBAs can embrace this next step in their evolution.

This is an extensive series of blog posts, (four so far) to be followed by an ebook, a podcast and two webinars.  One is to be announced soon from Oracle called, “The DBA Diaries” and the other will be a from Delphix, titled, “The Revolution:  From Databases and DevOps to DataOps“.

The goal for all of this is to ease transition for the Database community as the brutal shift to the cloud, now underway, changes our day to day lives.  Development continues to move at an ever accelerating pace and yet the DBA is standing still, waiting for the data to catch up with it all.  This is a concept that many refer to as “data gravity“.

The concept was first coined just a few years ago by a Senior VP Platform Engineer, Dave McCrory.  It was an open discussion aimed at understanding how data impacted the way technology changed when connected with network, software and compute.

He discusses the basic understanding that there’s a limit in “the speed with which information can get from memory (where data is stored) to computing (where data is acted upon) is the limiting factor in computing speed.” called the Von Newmann Bottleneck.

These are essential concepts that I believe all DBAs and Developers should understand, as data gravity impacts all of us.  Its the reason for many enhancements to database, network and compute power.  Its the reason optimization specialists are in such demand.  Other roles such as backup, monitoring and error handling can be automated, but the more that we drive logic into programs, nothing is as good as true skill in optimization when it comes to eliminating much of data gravity issues.  Less data, less weight-  it’s as simple as that.

We all know the cloud discussions are coming, and with that, even bigger challenges are felt by the gravity from data.  Until then, let’s just take a step back and recognize that we need some new goals and some new skills.  If you’re like to learn more about data gravity, but don’t have time to take it all in at once, consider following it on Twitter, which is curated by Dave McCrory.

I’m off to Jacksonville, Fl. tomorrow to speak at SQL Saturday #649!




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July 18th, 2017 by dbakevlar

Doing three or four webinars in a month doesn’t seem like a big deal until you actually try to do it…and present at two or three events and make sure you do everything for your job outside of that, too.  Suddenly you find yourself scrambling to keep up, but I’m known for taking on a few too many things at once… 🙂

Tomorrow at I’ll be presenting at 24HOP, also known as the 24 Hours of Pass, which is the webinar preview of The Pass Summit conference.  This is a free web event to anyone who registers, so no matter if you’re Oracle or SQL Server, I greatly recommend to take advantage of this awesome opportunity to get a taste of what’s coming up from Microsoft’s annual event this fall in Seattle!

On July 25th, I’ll be Delphix will be hosting a webinar with me presenting on DevOps for the DBA.  Now this session is different from the one that I’ll be doing at 24HOP or previously at other events.  I like to continually update and add to my content and this time, I’m taking direct feedback from these previous sessions and building out the talk to answer those pesky questions the DBA community has been asking.

Needless to say, if you’re a DBA, these are two events that are both free and worthwhile in the next two weeks for free online presentations you can gain more knowledge from!



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June 12th, 2017 by dbakevlar

I just returned from a week in Paris and it was fantastic!

No amount of terrorist attack could hinder my enthusiasm for the week of vacation and although Tim and I were unaware a man with a hammer at Notre Dame would garner so much attention from the news outlets, I realized quick enough that I was in a slew of online, video and print as the major American tourist who witnessed…well, a person lying wounded on the pavement with police over him, guns drawn.  I also became quickly alerted that there was a massive crowd coming towards me looking for shelter from any further gun shots in the cathedral, (which I was currently first in line!)  We were ushered inside immediately and I have to say, I can’t think of a more beautiful place to be held while a terror attack investigation was going on outside.

I’d tweeted just before entering the courtyard and then the line to enter the cathedral that we were going to visit Notre Dame and after being ushered in by security, some of my followers on Twitter alerted me that there was something going on, but they weren’t sure what.  I quickly responded that it was alright and that we were being protected inside the cathedral.  This ended up alerting the major media outlets and they started to contact me.  We had about 2 hours inside, so I did grant BBC and AP the time to tell them that the situation was very well contained and that we were safe.  I was hoping to keep it from being blown out of proportion, to be honest.

Needless to say, after the initial investigation was completed and we were released, Tim and I went to get a glass of red wine, (I commonly don’t drink wine) to calm the nerves and as I’ve stated in my interviews- the French police had everything incredibly under control and contained the situation in an efficient and orderly manner.  I applaud how effectively they’ve handled the escalated terrorism threats in France and I wish other countries were as prepared as they are.

The rest of the week we enjoyed Paris and even spent a day down on the Southern coast of France.  The last evening, just days after the terrorist event, you could see that no one was getting the French down, definitely not some silly terrorist!

So, back to work for me!  I have two webinars this week!

Tomorrow is an Oracle one from Pro Huddle, focused on DevOps for the DBA!

Wednesday is for the SQL Server VirtualPass folks and is on Virtualization, Opportunities When Migrating to the Cloud!




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