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I think we’ve just about all heard enough about voting this election year, but I want to discuss a slightly

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I’ll be attending my very first Pass Summit next week and I’m really psyched!  Delphix is a major sponsor at

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I know it’s supposed to be an Oracle Technology Network, (OTN) Appreciation day, but for me, OTN is their OTN

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My sabbatical from speaking is about to end in another week and it will return with quite the big bang. Oct.

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The topic of DevOps and and Agile are everywhere, but how often do you hear Source Control thrown into the

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The Oak Table network is a closed membership of about 100 technical scientists who have a passion for technology and the world around

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Along with the deep learning I’ve been allowed to do about data virtualization, I’ve learned a great deal about Test

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With me traveling to Redwood City next week to visit HQ and then Oracle Open World the week after, I’m

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The following issues in this post are common challenges experienced by Raspberry Pi, (RPI) owners and I’m consistently frustrated with the ridiculous

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Oracle Open World 2016 is almost here…where did the summer go?? With this upon us, there is something you attendees need

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I’ve been busy reading and testing everything I can with Delphix, whenever I get a chance.  I’m incredibly fascinated by

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While chatting on slack the other day, one of my peers asked if I’d seen that ESG Global had done a write

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This is a living document that I will continue to update and will add new database platforms to as I

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I’m new to Mac, but most know that anything you give me, I’m looking to automate any task that I

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I’ve been involved in two data masking projects in my time as a database administrator.  One was to mask and

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Anyone who’s anyone knows to search out OakTable World at major events in the US and Europe, and Oracle Open World 2016 is

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A number of emails I received about trying out Delphix Express was regarding VMWare.  Many of my followers had used

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For those of you that downloaded and are starting to work with Delphix Express, (because you’re the cool kids… :))

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