My name is Kellyn Pot’Vin-Gorman and I’m an Engineer in Customer Success at Microsoft. I spend an awful lot of time working with database migrations from various platforms, helping customers build out Azure and Oracle Cloud solutions and architecture for Oracle, MySQL, PostgresSQL and other data platforms on Azure IaaS.  I’m an alumni of both peer recognized technical programs, the Oracle ACE program and the Idera ACE program in the Microsoft community.   I’m a current Friend of Redgate and I’m very proud to be a member and one of only six women who are part of the Oak Table Network.

I have a long history of database and system optimization tuning, automation and designing robust infrastructure for longevity.  Extensive experience in multi-terabyte Very Large Database, (VLDB) management of OLAP/DSS systems.  I consistently advocate logical tuning of code and design before hardware solutions.  In recent years, I’ve become known for my expertise in DevOps, Enterprise Manager, AWR, (Automatic Workload Repository) Warehouse, analytics, Power BI and virtualization of database environments with complex cloud management.  

Now that our children are out on their own, my incredible husband, Tim and I are enjoying our lives, having sold our house and traveling around the US in our RV while working for Microsoft.


As a board member emeritus after 7 years of service for the Rocky Mountain Oracle User Group, (RMOUG),  I’ve transitioned off the board after numerous years as the director for the Training Days annual conference, the largest of Oracle regional user group conferences in the United States and ending as the board president.  I am heavily involved in their goal of efficiency, cost and community benefits that is so much a part of all user groups and conferences today.

After two years as the remote president of the Denver SQL Server User Group, I’ve stepped down so the incredible Marc Beacom can take over.  This is another great group part of PASS that offers the opportunity to share knowledge with the larger community with monthly meetings and an annual conference.

I am also focused on WIT, (Women in Technology) and early technical learning programs, as I feel that we’ll soon have a large number of STEM opportunities left unfilled in technology due to lacking technical education in schools.  I am currently running the RMOUG Raspberry Pi and STEAM Special Interest Group and have lead a large number of Women in Technology events in the US and Europe.  I am the owner and organizer of Girl Geek Dinners of Boulder and Denver, over 1100 strong membership, which can be found on Meetup, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.  We organize events for women who have a passion for technology, no matter if it’s part of their career, hobby or future! I am always open for any suggestions or ideas on how I can help Oracle and user groups be more beneficial to their membership, partners and participate in the larger community.

Technical Books:


The new eBook, “Introducing SQL Server 2019” can be accessed from the website.

Diversity and Inclusion/Women in Technology


All books can be found on Amazon and Crushing the IT Gender Bias will be available in hardcover and Kindle come August, but is available for pre-order now.

Books, Publications and Presentations

I’ve presented and/or keynote at many conferences and events, including Oracle Open World, KSCOPE, HotSos and Collaborate.  I am the author of a number of technical and mentoring books, write articles and present webinars through Redgate, ODTUG and Oracle.   Presentation slides can be found on SlideShare

I also have an ebook that can be downloaded from Delphix’s site-  DBA and DevOps, the Last Frontier.


Blog Disclaimer

All content and technical information contained on the site or posted to social media is the professional opinion of the author and is in no way connected to a current or prior professional affiliations/employment.   

All database environments are unique and any recommended technical features should be tested thoroughly before implementing into a production database environment.  My blog contains a lot of options and fixes that HAVE NOT been put through technical support.  Please implement at your own risk.