You Know You’re Doing Too Much Database Work When…

This is when I know I’ve been doing too much database work in one day.  I awoke from a dream, quite early in the morning and was replaying it in my head.  The scenario went like this:

Scene:  City streets, obviously a murder scene with yellow tape drawn and bystanders watching off to the sides as the main characters, two seasoned detectives are discussing the decision to enter the crime scene.

Officer #1:  “Are we sure we covered our bases?  Is there anyway the criminal could have escaped the scene or we could have compromised the evidence when we entered the crime scene?”

Officer #2:  “Nope, positive we are in the clear-  I ran an ASH report before we did anything!”

Sigh… I need a vacation… 🙂

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  • Roy

    Yea, too much database work…………one night while waiting for a backup to complete I started looking in my state’s database to see if anyone had a license plate ORA-0600 (Oracle has lost it’s mind in the kernel) in Pennsylvania. NO, started applying for one until my girlfriend pointed out that NOBODY would understand it but me.

  • DBAkevlar

    As a gift, my husband ordered personalized license plates for my car- DBAKVLR. Unless you’re a database geek, everyone reads that I’m a “doing business as lover” 🙂