OOW Monday-Wednesday

Yes, still catching up on Blog posts… 🙂

Monday is the official start of Oracle Open World.  I planned to be onsite at the Enkitec booth from the time the exhibitors hall opened and I was a few minutes early.  I hadn’t received an exhibitors ribbon, (one of the few missing from my extended display from my badge…) and so I waited patiently and chatted with a couple of folks who had attended one of my sessions the day before.
Upon entering the exhibition hall, you realize why vendors flock to this conference in hopes of promoting their company.  The south hall of Moscone was a stampede upon the opening of the doors and I have no doubt the other exhibition areas received the same welcome by attendees at those entrances.
I proceeded to spend a few hours chatting with folks at the booth and scanning their badges for an opportunity to receive one of the books we offered in drawings twice a day.
Igloo a break from time to time and headed over to the Oak Table World event.  This was a great set of specialized talks put on by the wonderful Oak Table folks, sponsored by Delphix, Miracle and others in the great venue of the Children’s Discovery Museum.
I had the opportunity to catch a took on Monday by Tanel Poder and Doug Burns before sitting down and locking in the keynote speaker for RMOUG Training Days 2013.  I had also received a  nod from another to announce the keynote for us, as well.  During all of these days, I also continued to work on another task as the database track coordinator for KSCOPE, serving ODTUG and filling the seats on that committee.  I want to thank those that have signed up to help- Galo Balda, Martin Berger, Randy Johnson, Don Seiler, Kent Graziano and Bobby Curtis.

Tuesday was pretty much a replay-  I went to the booth, spent time with the Oak Table sessions, then attended the Tweet Meet.    It was a good time and I was able to take some time out and interview with the Oracle Social Media Network group.

We ended the evening out with a few friends at the Stinking Rose, a garlic intensive restaurant.  I can honestly say that a good time was had by all and one of the best prime ribs was consumed… 🙂

How many sessions did I attend so far, outside of the Oak Table ones?  None, there’s just not enough time to meet with all those that want a bit of your time, spend the time needed at the booth and complete tasks on the side.  I have folks asking me for info on 12c database and the only time I’ve spent is investigating EM Express!

Tomorrow is another day-  Wednesday, to be exact…

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October 7, 2012

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