Oracle Open World, Part I, Symposium

Its the beginning of Wednesday and I’m finally attending a few sessions, other than my own, which also means that I have solid WiFi, too.  We are staying at the Hilton with most of the other ACE Directors, but residence in tower three around the pool appears to be similar to the third circle of hell when it comes to any type of service no matter if we refer to WiFi or even cellphone service.

My sessions on Sunday were a joy to present.  I was quite nervous about presenting on no surprise deployments, as it was the first time presenting on the subject, but my co-presenter, Rittman-Mead’s Stewart Bryson, was at ease with our subject,let me lead along and jumped in whenever he had additional content to add. This was number 3 of 7 in a session series from ODTUG, which included Cary Millsap, Gwen Shapira, Dan Norris, Tim Gorman and other fantastic specialists, speaking on topic data sourced from Dominic Delmolino.

The second session was my EM12c for IOUG was on Metric Extensions, effective monitoring and performance pages. When I finished all the content that I wanted to cover, including examples, I found I had 51 slides….after trimming down. Lucky for everyone, I kept it high level and I am known for speaking fast. Many approached me afterwards to let me know how much they enjoyed this session, which helped secure that my decision to retain everything in this presentation was the right one. The session was sold out and the questions from the audience were well though out and invested.

Sunday evening was the ACE dinner from OTN. We were treated to a brilliant sunset with the Golden Gate bridge, which many took advantage of for photos.  The dinner was excellent, the event was held at the St. Francis Yacht club right on the bay.  OTN’s ACE group coordinators, Lillian Buziak and Victoria Lira ensured everyone was well cared for and the event was a great success.

It was another evening getting to catch up with folks, many of them that I only see every 3-6 months.  Fun over for now, tomorrow it’s time to make an impact with the Enkitec booth….

Author: dbakevlar