Slides from Oracle Open World and Other Schtuff!

A couple folks have emailed me, looking for my slides from Oracle Open World.  Both presentations can be viewed here at Enktiec’s website, along with all my great coworker’s presentations, as well.

If you are still looking for my interview with Oracle Technology Network on contributing to the Oracle community and User group involvement, that can be found here.

I’m thoroughly busy right now with KSCOPE database track abstract selection, the RMOUG Training Days planning and abstract selection and finishing up the chapters along with my wonderful co-authors on the EM12c book for Apress.  I’m really proud of this collaboration with Pete Sharman, Alex Gorachev, Gokhan Atil, Niall Litchfield, Anand Akela and Leighton Nelson.  These guys really know their EM12c and are putting their hearts and minds into this great book.  If you are interested, it’s already available via pre-order through Apress. If you are one of my SQL Server folks and are interested, the new Pro SQL Server 2012 Practices Book is out, too!

I’m hoping in another month I can get back to writing blog posts and not just chapters for books, but I am starting an EM CLI book as soon as the EM12c book is over, so cross your fingers!


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