#OOW, Tuesday Followup

Great day today with a second WIT session and all the interviews and General Session for Enterprise Manager 12c.  If you are looking for the ebook,  you can download it from Oracle here.

A couple people caught on that I was tweeting while discussing the benefits of EM12c, even capturing me in a photo, (will never live it down… :))  They played the trailer for the new Cloud Odyssey movie Oracle has been working on to promote EM12c and cloud.  It’s been a lot of fun as they’ve talked about how they came up with the idea based off the original article and I think Leighton Nelson has even changed his profile picture to his doppelganger in the movie.  The android jokes have gotten a bit out of hand with some of the folks around the conference, but I and the rest of the authors are enjoying the great opportunity to be a small “part” of the movie.  If you are interested, here’s a link to the Facebook page and the 20 minute movie should be out at different Oracle events in a couple months.

I promised someone I would put the link to EMCLI verb documentation out on my blog and here it is!  Use it wisely, use it well… 🙂

I really appreciated all the positive feedback and collaboration at the WIT session.  I really appreciate the men and women who attended, considering the fantastic technical content going on at OOW and just in the other room at OTW!  For the women who have contacted me in regards to mentoring opportunities, I will be in touch with you soon.

Tomorrow are my technical sessions on ASH with JB and Exadata with ODI and Parallel before the Blogger’s Meetup.  If you are interested in attending these sessions, here’s the details!

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