Why Go To Oracle?

I’m still asked this question, as I’ve worked for some really fantastic companies in the past and the idea that I “gave up” my Oracle ACE Director and my voting board position at RMOUG seems a high price to pay when I could have gone anywhere.  I do appreciate it, as many just want what’s best for me, so I do take this into consideration.

I decided a while back that with all Enterprise Manager Cloud Control encompassed, that it was what I really wanted to specialize in. I spent time reading everything I could get my hands on, talked to others that were also working with the product and enjoyed the new features as they were released.

This last year, I found that I was working with some of the best DBAs and developers in the business and yet, when I had a question about advanced Enterprise Manager features, there was no one in my group to work through it with. They were all working on other cool stuff and there were only a few of us working in Enterprise Manager and considering the scope, rarely was it in the same arena I was interested in. If I searched the web, many times my own blog posts or presentation slides would show up in the results and I knew I needed to go back to the source to build my knowledge. I was stagnating and as anyone who knows me is aware, I’m not very good at standing still… 🙂

I’ve been with Oracle for 2 1/2 months now and I learn something new everyday. Not just about databases, but about EVERYTHING Enterprise Manager. I get to work with Enterprise Manager gurus like Werner De Gruyter, Courtney Llamas, Andrew Bulloch and others. I have a great boss, Pramod Chowbey and as I’ve said before, a job is only as good as your boss is, so he is greatly appreciated.

Oracle is the home of Enterprise Manager and I’m not sure how it’s giving anything up when my Oracle ACE Director/Board Member position was something I’d already attained and I’m well onto my way of achieving my new goal.

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