I recently switched to a Mac after decades use with PCs.  I loved my Surface Pro 4 and still do, but that I was providing content for those I thought would be on Macs, it seemed like a good idea at the time.  I didn’t realize at the time I’d be doing as many SQL Server conferences as Oracle in my next role with the Delphix… 🙂

With this change, I found myself limited to VMs running on my Mac with SQL Server, then I was working with Azure and it seemed like a lot of extra “weight” to just have access to a few tools.  I figured I wasn’t the only one and did some research, locating SQLPro for MSSQL from Hankinsoft.  Its an easy to configure and use, 12Mb query interface, (also available from the App Store) that was created for SQL Server users that find themselves on Mac.

If you’re using Azure, you simply need to update our firewall rules to allow access for your local IP address and connection to the Azure SQL database is simple after this update, (and will need to be updated each time, if you’re like me and change locations, (and IP addresses each time.))

You can collect the information for your Azure database from the Azure administration Console, under Database and Overview:

This offers a very robust, full featured and comparable tool to Oracle’s SQL Developer for those that want to work with SQL Server databases but are on a Mac.  I didn’t go into the features, but those, I leave to you right now to discover… 🙂


Author: dbakevlar