The Future of the DBA, #C18LV, Video 1

I’m starting to move towards doing more videos and hope to improve my video skills, (and maybe add a dance sequence, ya know, like the hip kids…)  Check out this post and please, do add comments, ask questions or just tell me what you think?

Have an awesome Wednesday and no, don’t comment on my consistent need to make a strange face at the beginning of a video… 🙂

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  • Vitaly Kaminsky

    Thank you for raising valid points.
    I agree with your assessment of the general trend towards WallMart style operations.
    Unfortunately for the DBAs as a profession, the digital WallMarts will be location-independent and we all know that the value always wins at WallMart.
    There will be, of course, the High Street boutiques, but not a mass market any more.
    There are interesting real-life stats covering the last 12 years here: