My name is Kellyn Pot’Vin and I’m the Consulting Member of the Strategic Customer Program for Enterprise Manager Group of Oracle.  I am a former ACE Director and current Oak Table Network member.   I live in Westminster, CO with my partner Tim and my wonderful, three kids, Sam, Cait and Josh.  I specialize in environment optimization tuning and creating systems that are robust and enterprise level.  I work almost exclusively on mult-TB size databases, including Exadata and databases with driven performance involving solid state disk solutions, advocating logical tuning of code and design before hardware solutions.  This choice of educating customers on how hardware will only mask a performance issue for limited amount of time before explanations of the performance issue are again demanded by the business has been the cornerstone of my success.

I am on the board of directors for Rocky Mountain Oracle User Groups, (RMOUG) serving as the Director for Training Days Conference.  I am heavily involved in their goal of integrating into the social media circuit that is so much a part of all user groups and conferences today.  I am also focused on WIT, (Women in Technology) programs, as I feel that women aren’t involved in STEM careers as much as we should be.  I am always open for any suggestions or ideas on how I can help RMOUG be more successful for both its members and the experts who wish to participate with this fantastic users group.  Please feel free to email me with any questions or suggestions about this site, Women in Technology or RMOUG, I will be happy to help.

I’ve presented at Oracle Open World, KSCOPE, HotSos, Collaborate, Miracle Open World and many other incredible conferences.  I am the author of a couple of books, write articles and present webinars through Redgate and other venues.  I’ve lately been promoting ODTUG’s conference as the Database Track lead, (2013 and 2014) and organizing/presenting for their WIT program.  I am a proud ACE Director as part of Oracle’s ACE Program.  At this time, there are only 9 women worldwide that are ACE Directors and I have a goal to see more women involved in this great program.

This blog is about technical issues and professional challenges all DBA’s often have to address in their careers.  For my daily battles and wins, please do follow me on Twitter as DBAKevlar or on Linkedin and Facebook under my name, Kellyn Pot’Vin.  My Facebook account is connected to family and friends only, so please follow me on Twitter if we don’t know each other personally.


Blog Disclaimer

All content and technical information contained on the site is the professional opinion of the author and is in no way connected to a current or prior professional affiliations/employment.  Some subjects, events and individuals are not from my own experience, but may be from others and their identity can be protected and may be discussed in a first person or third person scenario to do so.  This occurs often when posting on WIT subjects, as the topic can be complex and is often recognized by the reader in their own experience-  not that of the writer.

All database environments are unique and any recommended technical features should be tested thoroughly before ever implementing into a production database environment.