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RMOUG 2012!

As busy as I am with the 11g project, (no real weekends off for 9 weekends and counting… :P)  I wanted to take some time out to write on the upcoming RMOUG Training Days 2012. For those of you Oracle techies, DBA or Developer, this is a must attend and for any who do choose […]


Presenting at KScope 2012!


It’s an RMOUG Christmas!


Solid Choices for Oracle Tuning on Solid State Disk

As I continue to work on very large databases, (VLDB), I am exposed to more  opportunities to speed up IO.  This can involve Oracle’s solution of Exadata or stand alone improvements with options such as SSD, (Solid State Disk) which can offer faster IO performance at a fraction of the price.  When this option becomes […]


Restarting a Duplicate Process From a VERY Failed State

As part of an 11g Upgrade, it was found that a database environment could be built from one of the upgraded databases through a duplicate.  As this process had never been performed before in this fashion, a test was in order.  The test was an excellent chance to discover that the OSUser that performs the […]


How to Break and EM12c and Other Hobbies

As many know I’ve been busy trying to bring our many-times patched 10g Enterprise Manager migrated to a new server with EM12c.  I thought it would be interesting to see how fast I could break it, considering my skills, I knew it might not be a challenge. Scenario 1.  Bug with listener refusing to connect […]


The NO_INVALIDATE Option in DBMS_STATS with 10g

I had worked hard on a report, 47 SQL statements in all to tune it down from 5 hrs to under 30 minutes.  The first runs had been quite successful, so when a third run sent an alert on temp usage, I knew something was wrong. SID PROCESS MACHINE SQL_TEXT SQL_ID TOTAL MB ——– ———— […]


Oracle Open World 2011 Followup

Oracle Open World is over for me now, but what a great event it was.  I met so many people and actually was able to spend a little time getting to know a few of them.  I attended parties, dinners and meetups.  I networked myself, my company and RMOUG.  It was a phenomenal turn out, […]


OOW11 Dinners

Yes, typing on my tablet screen again, so patience with my short posts…:-) Had the pleasure of attending both the ACE and Oak table dinners the last two nights.  Wonderful, impressive and technically gifted people at every table and a fantastic opportunity to meet so many that I’ve only known virtually.  I enjoyed another set […]


First Day at Oracle Open World

After a long first day and a 33 hr train ride in, I’m ready for a fun and enjoyable Ace dinner that I’m a lucky guest to.  First day, being Sunday, is commonly quiet, but Tim had two sessions that I wanted to attend and time flew by with meetups, expert panels, etc. I met […]


Locating UNKNOWN SQL_ID Info in OEM Through AWR

Rarely are reports based off large snapshot variances helpful to a DBA unless you come across an odd situation such as this one…Better yet, we need to know a little bit about our AWR tables behind our reports so we can piece together what the reports leave out…:) Scenario:  After-hours support has killed a session […]


Oracle Open World 2011, Prep Time!

I’ve spent the week updating, packing and communicating in preparation for my trip to Oracle Open World 2011.  As with most folks that are attending, there is a lot to prepare for, but I have that added challenge of three kids who find this a fine opportunity to drive their father to distraction, as my ex-husband […]


SQL Server and Distributed Transaction Tuning

Users complained that a monthly financial report would no longer run SQLServer Reporting Services, (SSRS.)   Upon investigation, it was found that this was a stored procedure that ran from one Annex database, sourcing from another and outer joins to a SQLServer database on a remote server through a linked server configuration.  In attempts to run […]


Keep it Simple and Other Superman Challenges

“Oh what tangled web we weave when complexity is added we can’t see…” How many times has complexity of design in an application, outside of the database, lead to the database blamed for slow performance?   This is where a manager thanks the technical Gods for a DBA with great Sherlock Holmes skills to track down […]


Disaster Recovery and Other Sacrifices

If you desire a subject that will invoke deep passion and often combined with disgust from a group of DBA’s, disaster recovery is the one.  It is the subject that rarely we feel our butts are not out there hanging, no matter how much we’ve attempted to secure our environment. I’ve observed a consistent flow […]


Tempfile Read /Writes and ASM

I truly believe that database myths are the scourge of the database world.  With that said, I have to blame myself for not being specific enough in one of my own blog posts and propagating one myself!  As it was brought to my attention by Tanel Poder and Greg Rahn, I hadn’t put a post […]


A Tale of Session Parameter Settings

This is another blog post about how TEMP can kill you in performance. The Program Global Area, aka PGA, is a memory region that allows Oracle to perform many processes that once fell to static calculations in parameters that had to be managed by a DBA. As frustrating as it might be to a DBA […]


Warp Speed with Temp Tablespace Groups

The introduction of the temp tablespace was a crucial step in the RDBMS to separating  the “work area” for sorting and specific join operations from permanent segments.   To eliminate the performance challenges of sorts and hash against the I/O threshold involved with performing this word in the temp tablespace, Oracle 9i introduced the Program Global […]


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