RMOUG 2012!

As busy as I am with the 11g project, (no real weekends off for 9 weekends and counting… :P)  I wanted to take some time out to write on the upcoming RMOUG Training Days 2012.

For those of you Oracle techies, DBA or Developer, this is a must attend and for any who do choose to travel and attend- kudos to you, good choice.    As one of the directors on the RMOUG board, I can attest to the incredible amount of time and resources that have been invested into what is easily, the best grass-roots, Oracle conference around.  John Jeunette, the Training Days Director for the 2012 event has done a bang-up job with planning and none of us could get along without the continued support from those, such as Peggy King and Team YCC.

Oracle folks who do attend are going to be treated to a keynote from one of my favorite DBA Gods, Cary Millsap, along with presentations from some of the greats in the DBA world, including Jonathan Lewis, Debra Lilley, Mark Farnham, John King, Alex Gorbachev, Guy Harrison, Dan Morgan,  Marco Gralike, James Morle and Graham Woods.  We also can’t forget the local favorites, like Tim Gorman and Randy Cunningham.

Upon quick count, I realized we have 14 Oracle ACE’s and 14 ACE Directors speaking this year.  With all these ACE folks, we’ve decided to create a special event with them, something to really find out what it means to be an Oracle ACE.  Stay tuned, it’s shaping up to be an awesome session.

We also have the benefit for those interested in Oracle RAC of having “RAC Attack”, a great workshop, first offered at Oracle Open World and UKOUG, now also offered at RMOUG Training Days for 2012!  This is a great opportunity to get your “RAC on” and learn from some of the best on how to properly build a RAC environment and when.  Pythian and Apress will be sharing in the sponsorship of this great workshop at the RMOUG training days event. Show up with a laptop that meets the requirements for the workshop and build your own, how great is that?

That’s a pretty impressive count for a two day Oracle conference when you think of it!  I’m thrilled with the quality on the content of the presentations this year and how the event is coming together.  We had a record year for abstract submissions and it was a difficult decision deciding who would be in the schedule, so many great, solid abstracts submitted!

So if you are interested in attending, here’s the link to RMOUG’s Training Days Event.  You can view the current schedule, registration and biographies for the speakers.  There’s only a short time left to take advantage of the advance registration rate, saving even more if you become a member, (that’s me as the membership director just selling it a bit! :))


Author: Kellyn Pot'Vin

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