End of WIT and the Workplace Posts

This is my last WIT post on the challenges on women in the workplace.  The truth of the matter is, its just too difficult to write about what women are facing in the workplace without a large amount of risk.  Someone is going to view  your posts on what you or someone else has experienced in the workplace as a liability or as disparaging because so often the reader sees the experience through their own eyes and not that of the writer.  That’s just the way of the world and I’ve got to do right by my family first, so I’ll continue to announce upcoming WIT events and blog on technical subjects, but nothing more on this topic on dbakevlar.  You are welcome to continue to email me with questions and assistance-  I’m always here for anyone that needs me.

Thank you to those who were supportive of these efforts and for others, thank you for your patience as I attempted to navigate this challenge.


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Author: dbakevlar