Adding Music to Code On Your Raspberry Pi

So as I prepare for next week, coaching with some other great folks with the Oracle Education Foundation using the Raspberry Pi, I wanted to add some fun music into my code to work with our motor mascot project.  To do so, you need a few things:

  1.  A small speaker with a 3.5 plugin to the Raspberry Pi.  I have a small, round, rechargeable one that I love.
  2. Have an FM radio station that streams music that you can use in your code.
  3. Install and use music libraries

If you haven’t done so recently, run an update on your Rpi:

sudo apt-get update

Now that you know your Rpi is up to date, let’s get the MPlayer software:

sudo apt-get install mplayer mplayer-gui alsa-base alsa-utils pulseaudio mpg123

If you have your Rpi hooked into a small monitor, like I do, then don’t be surprised if the mplayer application fails due to the display constraints.  The rest of the code and librariesiare what we’re really interested in, so not a big deal.

Once it’s finished, reboot your Rpi:

sudo reboot

Once it’s up, lets do a bit of code.  There are a number of online FM URL’s that can be used with the mplayer, so it’s really a lot of fun.  You must have WiFi access configured on your Rpi for this to run:

import system

os.system(“mplayer -playlist—Absolute-Top-40-s48967/”)

Save the file as

To run this, simply type in:

sudo python3

I’ve updated my script to do a few things, including blinking lights and spinning motors, but the video gives you at least a taste of the motor and the music!

Have a great Firday, folks!

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Author: dbakevlar