OTN Appreciation Day- Laura Ramsey Edition

I know it’s supposed to be an Oracle Technology Network, (OTN) Appreciation day, but for me, OTN is their OTN Community Manager, Laura Ramsey.  Ever since we first were introduced and I tried to do the right thing, making sure she was networked properly, she’s always made sure to be there for me and I appreciate that as both a woman in technology and a fellow Oracle community member.

To celebrate, I’ve hired this amazing, trained Hedgehog DJ for RMOUG Training Days 2017, OTN area:


You can thank me later, Laura… 🙂

Everyone has challenges and as I moved from the Oracle community to being an Oracle employee, there was a huge transition, yet Laura made sure that while I still tried, (heck, more like I was drafted!) to run RMOUG’s Training Day conference, she was there to lend OTN’s support for the event.

Many assumed that after going to Oracle that I would just disappear into what some of them considered a vast machine, but I was part of a wonderful team and my speaking opportunities and contributions to the community continued to flourish, Laura made sure I had opportunities to contribute to OTN by the way of interviews, articles and participation in panels.

At Oracle Open World 2015 she approached me about how she could do more for Women in Technology and we talked a lot about it, but with everything I was already engaged in, I wasn’t much help to her.  All on her own, she was able to take what she captured from the women in the Oracle community and really make a space for us at Oracle Open World 2016 with a panel, a social media presence, (#OTNWIT) and an ongoing online forum.

So as much as I know others are showing their appreciation for OTN in their own way, I’m going to point out a very valuable member, Laura Ramsey.

Happy OTN Appreciation Day, #ThanksOTN and #ThanksLaura

Author: dbakevlar