DevOps and Webinars- July 19th and July 25th

Doing three or four webinars in a month doesn’t seem like a big deal until you actually try to do it…and present at two or three events and make sure you do everything for your job outside of that, too.  Suddenly you find yourself scrambling to keep up, but I’m known for taking on a few too many things at once… 🙂

Tomorrow at I’ll be presenting at 24HOP, also known as the 24 Hours of Pass, which is the webinar preview of The Pass Summit conference.  This is a free web event to anyone who registers, so no matter if you’re Oracle or SQL Server, I greatly recommend to take advantage of this awesome opportunity to get a taste of what’s coming up from Microsoft’s annual event this fall in Seattle!

On July 25th, I’ll be Delphix will be hosting a webinar with me presenting on DevOps for the DBA.  Now this session is different from the one that I’ll be doing at 24HOP or previously at other events.  I like to continually update and add to my content and this time, I’m taking direct feedback from these previous sessions and building out the talk to answer those pesky questions the DBA community has been asking.

Needless to say, if you’re a DBA, these are two events that are both free and worthwhile in the next two weeks for free online presentations you can gain more knowledge from!



Author: dbakevlar