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Tips, tricks, (and maybe a few rants) so more DBAs become bulletproof!


Slides from Oracle Open World and Other Schtuff!

A couple folks have emailed me, looking for my slides from Oracle Open World.  Both presentations can be viewed here at Enktiec’s website, along with all my great coworker’s presentations, as well. If you are still looking for my interview with Oracle Technology Network on contributing to the Oracle community and User group involvement, that […]


SQL Saturday #169 Tomorrow!

I’m seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not a train, so that has to be good, right? I wanted to send out a quick post and remind folks that I will be presenting at SQL Saturday #169 in Denver, hashtag #sqlsat169 presenting on the seemingly popular “Oracle for the SQL […]


Miracle Oracle World 2012 Recap

I ended up so wrapped up in everything going on when I returned home that I never did get my Miracle Oracle World 2012 post out on my blog, (bad DBA Goth Princess!:)) so here it is! Miracle Oracle World, (aka MOW2012, hashtag #MOW2012) is a yearly event held by Mogens Noorgard and his company […]


Assumptions- The Other DBA Killer

~ The least questioned assumptions are often the most questionable ~ Paul Broca I’ve always found assumptions to be one of the most common cause of failures in software releases/maintenance windows. If I had a dime for every time I’ve heard, “I thought you were going to take care of/do that…” or “I didn’t involve […]


Oracle for the SQL Server DBA Presentation Slides

Chris Shaw from Colorado Springs SQL Server SQLPass group invited me to come speak at this wonderful group last week and I promised a few folks that I would upload my slides to my site, (they are also available via Chris, too…) The group is a small, close knit group that I was very pleased […]


Enkitec and SQLPass, Colorado Springs Style

Two things to be happy about today! 1st-  Enkitec did a lovely announcement on Enkitec regarding my coming on board.  I just arrived last night after three days at the main office in Irving, Tx, (Dallas area is lovely with all the fields of Blue Bonnet flowers this time of year…) and am psyched about […]


SQL Server and Distributed Transaction Tuning

Users complained that a monthly financial report would no longer run SQLServer Reporting Services, (SSRS.)   Upon investigation, it was found that this was a stored procedure that ran from one Annex database, sourcing from another and outer joins to a SQLServer database on a remote server through a linked server configuration.  In attempts to run […]


The Rants of a SQL Server DBA

Part of this is going to be the SQL Server DBA in me ranting, so be patient and know as it says in the lovely site disclaimer, this is MY OPIONION and yes, I stick by this opinion 100%. I have very strong feelings on who and how a SQL Server, especially one with SSRS […]


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