Oracle Open World 2013

I have a number of sessions going on the week of Oracle Open World and figured I better get some info out there with it just over a month away!

My main sessions, along with others offered by my phenomenal, fellow Enkitec folks can be found here.

I have also traded in my technical session at Oak Table World for two WIT, (Women in Technology) sessions.  The wonderful Kyle Hailey has built us a great web site to promote it and we’ve got Oracle’s support as we bridge between Oak and Oracle for these two exciting sessions where the women of OOW get to sit down and discuss some great topics on two different days!

I would also like to thank John Beresniewicz for the opportunity to present with him and for a few other opportunities that hopefully, will be announced soon!

See you in San Francisco in a couple weeks!





3 thoughts on “Oracle Open World 2013

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  • August 23, 2013 at 6:56 pm

    I’m really glad to see the WIT sessions. Some of the best technologists I’ve ever met have been women. I also know of a two year old that will be heavily influenced by her father to work in technology.

  • September 6, 2013 at 10:12 am

    Hey There Dbakevlar,
    On a similar note,, Hi everyone,I want to be a competitive oracle DBA and I have already planned the courses should be taken that equipped me to compete in the real world as a DBA, In short , here there are the courses:
    but first for your knowing i have completed sql and pl/sql. I am going to practice SQL and pl/sql for two months ie(OCT,NOV) THEN
    1- I will take unix and N+ on DEC.
    2- Unix programming on JAN.
    4- then oracle DBA.(ADMINISTRATION COURSES).

    Are these courses enough or shall i add forms and report to it if it is necessary .
    any advise to modify or not .
    please i need your suggesions also about other skills required to have by DBA.
    thank you in advanced
    (I have basic c++ knowledge) if that would help. I believe that was the reason why sql learning was so easy for me.

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