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Just over a year ago, it became public that I was leaving Enkitec for Oracle.  Most folks had similar questions surrounding my decision, including my logic in giving up my ACE Director, an assumption that I would just disappear into the Oracle “machine”, considering the sheer size of the company and with my prominent company work history, what had prompted the decision.

In this last year, my career has definitely surprised more than a few folks.  I, in no way, disappeared into Oracle.  In fact, I’ve been made more prominent and in doing so, assisted in shining a light on the Enterprise Manager group.  I’m continually offered great opportunities to be more and do more with the OEM group, which I appreciate greatly.  I interviewed my potential managers as much as my employer interviewed me.  I believe your job is only as good as your boss and my managers are incredibly important to all that I’m able to do in the technical arena, along with the Oracle community.

iysvy  **Thanks to Philippe Fierens for the video

I presented at 11 conferences, a master class, three webinars and a number of local events.  During this time, I worked with customers and implemented a large number of Strategic Customer Program, (SCP) “Fast Track” engagements for Enterprise Manager.  These are projects that EM12c isn’t an after-thought to a project-  it’s the FOCUS of it.  I knew if I wanted to gain more knowledge of Enterprise Manager, that I was going to need to go back to the source and that meant Oracle.  There’s been no disappointment here-  I get to be part of the first line of huge OEM projects that implement HA Enterprise Manager environments with advanced features, plug-ins and other enhanced architecture designs.

Inside Oracle, I’m working with some of the best of the best in the Enterprise Manager world.  The Architects, Product Managers and Consulting Members of the Technical Staff that make Enterprise Manager the great product it is are who I get to interact with every day.  I have insight into the framework, plug-ins and other features that I simply would not get outside Oracle.  I have access to systems and development vision that I wouldn’t have as a customer.  The Strategic Customer Program, (SCP) is the first line to directing the product with the vision it requires, as so often many that are working on developing the features may be very distant from the customers-  where we are the ones interacting with them and are expected to come up with the answers.  This has shown in my blog posts, as I dive deeper into new EM12c features, plug-ins, etc.

My removal of my ACE Director, as it is a customer program, was in my mind, not a loss, but just something I had already achieved and I needed to go onto new challenges. I think my only concern was due to the small number of women involved in the program, but I found that I can still support the ACE program and am still working to support ACE submissions and mentoring.  That’s what’s really important to me. The only people I have seen viewing this as a mistake are commonly those that look down at others for something, no matter what and are dealing with their own insecurities, so I’ve found myself pretty unconcerned with these few.

After joining Oracle, I was able to locate the bylaws for Oracle user group involvement as an employee and retain my Conference Director role at Rocky Mtn. Oracle User Group, (RMOUG), by becoming a non-voting Board Member Emeritus.  I’ve found new ways to involve myself with the user group community, also taking on the role as the user group liaison for the Enterprise Manager group for all interaction.  I’ll be working with IOUG in the future to find ways to streamline and assist other user groups with consolidating our resources and helping each other be more successful- doing more with less, as many of the regional user groups are non-profit, have small budgets and limited resources.

Oracle has been very supportive of my Women in Technology initiatives.  They know this is something very important to the world of technology and my own hopes for a more balance IT workforce.  To have my manager email me about something I’m working on and end it with, “btw, read your <insert WIT article title here> the other day, great read!” and then tell me about some of the things he’s dong with his kids is really great to hear. That he recognizes the importance of what I’m doing, the essential work of mentoring those around us is impressive, too.

Some felt that my social media presence would be impacted-  assuming that Oracle’s Social Media Policy would suppress my personal brand after coming on board.  The opposite is quite true.  I’d been aware for quite some time, that if you had an issue with social media, it was due to companies NOT having a social media policy.  This leaves those that don’t understand social media or are uncomfortable with social media to make assumptions of what is allowed or what they think SHOULD be allowed.  I have never had an issue with a company surrounding social media when a company had a social media policy.  My social media value has done nothing but risen since joining Oracle and I thank everyone for their continued support.

My first year has been one of growth, opportunities and greater depth of knowledge in the Oracle Enterprise Manager product.  I am thrilled with the new opportunities that are on the horizon and look forward to the upcoming year!




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