Where in the World is Geek Goth Girl- Week 21

Happy National Goth Day!  Although I consider myself “Goth Lite”, it’s a national holiday in my little world and I’m pondering what books I’ll write after I run out of tech titles.  Needless to say, I’ve chosen the title, “Staying Geeky and Goth After 50” and chosen the following for the cover art:

I’m considering adding a black choker to Ma Goth and maybe some facial piercings to Pa- we’ll see.

As May winds down, I look forward to a vacation in Paris the beginning of June with my favorite person, Tim Gorman.  As much as we travel together, we rarely get to see much of each other while at an event and are both looking forward to some downtime to just spend together.

After last week’s Data Summit 2017, DBTA did a wonderful write up on my session, but as I’m my worst critic, let me know I needed to do a better job of relaying my message to the community, as in the article, not one mention of the importance of virtualization in removing that pesky bottleneck of data from cloud migrations.  I greatly appreciate the opportunity to speak at this awesome event and shall promise to do better next time… 🙂

For week 21 of the year, I’m off to sunny Phoenix, Arizona to Data Platforms 2017.

This is an incredible event focused on data operations and no other event that I’ve seen better speak to the power of DevOps, automation and the power of visualizing a future of data at the speed of business than through virtualization.  I’m going to be speaking at one session, focused on some of our solutions for virtualizing everything, not just the database.  We all know there are bottlenecks everywhere to getting to the cloud, automating and data in general and a number of solutions are a focus for getting away from the RDBMS, but in reality, it’s just moved the resource hit. We also know that databases don’t have sole ownership on complexity.  I’ll try to shed some light on how to lighten the load across the database, applications, flat files and anything else possible to make life for the next generation of technologist a piece of cake.

Again-  Happy National Goth Day!!