My Summer of SQL

I know that right sidebar on my blog has an AWFUL lot of Microsoft events on it.  There’s so many, I’ve begun to use the hashtag #MySummerOfSQL due to it.  For those of you that follow me with Oracle, it doesn’t mean that I’m leaving the Oracle community- not even close.  I’m as dedicated as ever to Oracle and hope to dig back into my performance roots on both platforms, but know that the summer is the quiet time for Oracle user group events, so I’ll be keeping myself busy with SQL Saturdays and the AWESOME preview to the annual Pass Summit conference, (for the Oracle peeps, think of an Oracle Open World for Microsoft folks, sans the sales folks… :)) which is a series of worldwide webinars called the 24 HOP, (24 Hours of Pass).

I want to thank the Microsoft SQL Pass community for embracing me and letting me regain my footing since departing the my time as a SQL Server DBA back with the release of SQL Server 2012 and I’m really loving all the enhancements in SQL Server 2014, 2016 and now, 2017!

For those on the Oracle side of the house, hopefully the Oracle Open World acceptances will come out in the next two weeks and I’m crossing my fingers I’ll get to speak either on my own or even better, with one of the fantastic co-presenters I’m hoping to partner up with-  Gurcan Orhan and Mike Donovan of DB Visit.

I’m busy prepping my slides for the last HUGE Oracle conference before the summer break, KSCOPE, in San Antonio this next week, but I’ll try to get one more blog post out this week.  Of course, it’s going to be more on the SQL Server/Oracle optimizer comparisons.

So see my Oracle peeps in San Antonio next week for the ever AWESOME KSCOPE 2017 and help celebrate their 20th birthday!