East Coast Oracle Conference, (ECO 17)

So this week I’m back on the other coast, Raleigh, NC at ECO17 after last week in Seattle. I’ve switched from SQL Server to Oracle and we won’t discuss how many times I had to correct myself as I said, “transaction log” instead of “archive log” and pointed west instead of east for the ocean…My expression at times was similar to Obi Wan’s-

For the next month, I’ll be sticking to the Oracle side, as this is going to be a crazy month for travel.  My two sessions at ECO this week were well attended and I really enjoyed talking to folks and learning some new schtuff.

Great job on your IoT sessions, Blaine Carter.  Blaine probably has my dream job of playing with all kinds of open source all day, but he actually did a presentation on how he’s set up his smart home.  He took the time to explain how we can do it better and what open source software is out there to centrally manage it and how to use ORDS for the rest APIs.  It was fun and the discussions were interesting and gave me the information I need when I upgrade all my smart home gadgets in the 5th wheel next year.

I presented “DevOps for the DBA” and presented my former keynote session, “Cloudy with a Chance of Databases”, both of which were well attended.  I love how many folks in the Oracle community are beginning to embrace advanced skills and not just content with standard database administration.  There are interesting and exciting areas for us to expand our careers and it isn’t the downhill slope that some people are promoting with the introduction of autonomous database.

The evening was spent having dinner with some awesome folks, even if they decided to photoshop themselves into the picture, (we won’t discuss this abomination of nature….and art.

For Day two, I did spend significant time speaking with attendees and still was able to attend a few sessions, including a great Javascript/CSS session from Jorge Rimblas.  He did a great job of introducing these two languages to PL/SQL Developers and hopefully offering some insight of why they might want to do more with both of them.