UKOUG Tech 2017

Its been a couple years since I presented at UKOUG.  After taking last year off to prioritize some projects with Delphix, I’m back to speaking and the event committee was gracious enough to offer a goth girl a couple spots on the schedule this year.

The event is in Birmingham, and although I’ve never been there, I’m told by reports, it’s rather rainy and cold this time of year, so I better prepare, (nothing like people selling you on a location…:))

I have two sessions this year, the first one is on Super Sunday:

Sunday, Dec. 3rd  at 4pm in the Media Suite

Oracle vs. SQL Server- The war of the Indices

The second is in the standard schedule:

Monday, Dec. 4th at  12:35pm in Hall 1

Oracle Optimized- AWR, ASH & ADDM Features

I also signed up to chair a few sessions.  It’s important to give back to the community at large, so I was happy that I had some time to chair the following three sessions:

Title First name Surname Company name Title
Mr Guido Schmutz Trivadis Kafka Connect & Kafka Streams – Powerful Ecosystem Around the Kafka Core
Mr Mike Durran Oracle Oracle Data Visualization – The Latest & Greatest
Dr Roger MacNicol Oracle Using Oracle Columnar Technologies Across the Information Lifecycle

I promise I’ll only help and won’t heckle anyone… 🙂  This is one of the largest European events and it has a lot of backing by the UK community.  I’m looking forward to:

  1. Present at UKOUG after the haitus.
  2. Get to visit with some awesome people at an incredible event.
  3. Use up the last of my timezone limbo that I have left over from my trip to DOAG the week before… 🙂

See you in Birmingham next week!