RMOUG Training Days 2018, Day 2

So I survived the first day of RMOUG Training Day’s workshops, sessions and the VIP Reception ran a little later last night than we originally planned.  I had to present in the first session of the day at 8:30am, so I was a little worse for wear when I checked into my room for DevOps for the DBA.

I really appreciate all the attendees that came to the session, the great questions and feedback I received.  Its not easy to pay attention to a speaker that early in the morning!

Penny Avril gave us an excellent keynote, describing where Oracle 18c is headed, that its available as of today and to describe some of the best, new features.  Attendees let me know that she lived up to the hype and I appreciate her time speaking to our user group conference.

We had a fantastic WIT luncheon, thanks to Laura Ramsey and the Oracle Developers Connection.  Penny Avril joined her and contributed a small interview before we were able to network among ourselves and consume a wonderful lunch.

My last session is coming up in an hour and is the Women in Technology panel with Komal Goyal, Jim Czuprynski and Opal Alapat.  This is the session where we don’t shy away from the tough talks and it’s all about offering options and solutions for the challenges of women in tech today.