Introducing the EM12c Goth Cowgirl

Yes, you heard that right-  DBA Goth Cowgirl is getting an upgrade to Enterprise Manager, (EM12c) Goth Cowgirl!  I will be starting as Oracle’s Consulting Member of the Technical Staff for the Strategic Customers Program, specializing in Enterprise Manager on March 17th.  The Strategic Customer Program is a group that rolls up under the Systems Management product line and is one of four primary product lines, (the other three being Database, Fusion Middleware and Applications.)  We comprise the whole of Enterprise Manager and OpsCenter.

This opportunity has been long in the making and I look forward to focusing on the Enterprise Manager product as both part of the development team and presenting at conferences.  Its been made quite clear to me that both my technical and marketing/presentation skills will be highly sought after in my new role and I’m looking forward to being a integral part of the EM team.  I will be primarily working remote, but will travel for short term technical engagements and marketing efforts whenever requested.

So for those of you who want to continue to master EM12c with me, EM12c Goth Cowgirl, continue to follow me as I’ll be offered invaluable expertise as I deep dive into the source of all that is EM12c with Oracle!

I want to thank all those that helped me in some way with this opportunity, including Dan Koloski, Pete Sharman, Tyler Muth, Mary Melgaard, Wendy Delmolino, Pramod Chowbey, Will Scelzo and Adilson Jardim.  These are all incredible folks within Oracle and their guidance and support is tremendously appreciated now and in the future.


Author: dbakevlar

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  • Did I win the “what’s next” pool?

  • Stand in line, Jeff, stand in line…LOL

  • joel garry


    Looking forward to EM 13g – g for Goth 🙂

  • Andy Klock

    Congratulations on your next chapter Kellyn!

  • Congrats for all of us 🙂 good luck

  • Eric


  • AndroidDBA

    Congrats and welcome to DBA 2.0 as Tom likes to say.

  • Larry Spiewak

    Congratulations on the upgrade, Kellyn!