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This page contains all the links to everything and anything related to Enterprise Manager and all that is Cloud Control.  I’ve just started to build out this page, so if you know of any that you’d love to see included and isn’t listed,  please email to  All Enterprise Manager links will be considered.

Oracle Downloads and Exchanges

Extensibility Exchange, (Version 2.0)                                                                                                   
EM12c Downloads                                                                                                                    
DB12c Downloads                                                                                                                     
Oracle Virtualbox                                                                                                                      
EM Templates for Virtualbox     

EM12c Documentation

EM Support News Doc ID 1614313.1
Enterprise Manager Accreditation Videos, (Highly Recommended from the Oracle SCP Team!!) Doc ID 1667007.1
EM12c Information Center  Doc ID 1379818.2
Register for Monthly EM Newsletter! Doc ID 222.1
The OEM Resource Center Portfolio Doc ID 1614313.2
Lifetime Support Policy for Enterprise Manager   DOC ID 812694.1
Need Docs to Upgrade to
Online Help for ALL EM12c Versions
Extensibility Guides, (How To’s)      
OEM Screenwatches   
Guides on Everything Metrics 
AWR Warehouse Master Note, (Doc 1907335.1)

Blog Series

How to Size and EM12c Environment
Effective Monitoring and Setup of an EM12c Environment
Managing Incidents
Tuning EM12c-  Java

OEM Blog Sites

Oracle Enterprise Manager Blog
Rob Zoeteweij
Seth Miller
Bret Curtis
Bobby Curtis
Brian Pardy
Leighton Nelson
Ray Smith
Pete “Who Did Not Tweet” Sharman
Enterprise Manager blog

EM Special Interest and User Groups


EM12c Release 4 Links

ASH Analytics Installation and the New EM Job Scheduler, 06/03/14
AWR Warehouse, Part I, 06/04/14 Cloud/DBaaS Features, 06/05/14
AWR Warehouse, Part II, 06/05/14
Lifecycle Management, (DBLM) in EM12c Rel 4, 06/06/14
“Cloud Control to Major Tom” from Andrew Bulloch! 
New and Improved Extensibility Exchange, 06/06/14
Middleware Management Features, 06/09/2014
The Security Console, 06/09/2014
Private Roles, 06/13/2014
BI Publisher in Rel. 4, 6/27/14
AWR Warehouse Webinar, 7/19/14
Patching 101, 7/17/14
Database Consolidation PDBaaS in EM12c, Release 4, 7/19/14
Upgrading Agents with Release 4, 7/23/14
Using the Self-Service Portal with PDBaaS in, 7/23/14
Schema Consolidation in 7/24/14
AWR Warehouse, a Status, 7/24/14