KSCOPE 2013!

I will be presenting this next week at KSCOPE 2013.  I have a number of presentations, both technical and WIT, (Women in Technology) related.  My main presentation can be found listed with my speaker bio

And the WIT panel, although a bit out of date, (our line up has changed a little…)  is here.

I just forwarded my Imposter Syndrome slides onto Maria Colgan so she can review them and let me know what she thinks.  It’s a subject that seems to be very near to any successful woman’s heart, but what really surprises me is how many men I know in the industry that also suffer from it.  All these men have accomplished so much, but are quite humble due to the fact that so many of them don’t think they deserve it, (and they are the ones that commonly deserve it the most!)  I’m hoping for a good diversified crowd of both men and women for the Imposter Syndrome session since it does reach both genders and often the men who do not suffer from it, recognize it in their wives or daughters.

I’ve updated my ASH and AWR Performance Data session to include a few new tricks in gathering analysis information from 11g.  Anyone who is challenged by it and afraid to ask questions is welcome to attend and we’ll all figure it out together!

We’ve also added my EMCLI, (Enterprise Manager Command Line Interface) presentation to the KSCOPE database track lineup.  Anyone who’s worked with EM12c has recognized how valuable the EMCLI is to day to day administration and access to advanced functions not available in EM12c.  I love the power of the tool and am looking forward to the new features and revamp in EM12c release 3 that is due out any day now.

The WIT lunch panel should be a lot of fun.  The lineup has changed from what is up on the website a bit.  Gwen was unable to attend KSCOPE due to some technical direction changes and Dominic won’t be with us on Wednesday, so Tim Gorman has chosen to step in and brave the Women in Technology panel to offer his point of view.  It’s also a clear indicator that we want me involved in these sessions.  There is much to learn from each gender in the workplace.

I will also be on the developers tool panel on Tuesday lunch, plus will (wo)man the bullhorn in Jeff Smith’s session, “The 80’s Called, They Want Their Command Line Back…”  My job will be to call Jeff out anytime I hear him say any BS about the command line and considering I have EMCLI to back me up, it may get a bit noisy… 🙂

If at any time, you aren’t able to see me in presenting, involved in community service day, etc., I should be at the Enkitec booth with all the cool demos being put on by the APEX guys, including Scott Spendolini, Dan McGhan, Jorge Rimblas and others!

For those attending KSCOPE with all the incredible content, you are some lucky folks and I will see you next week in the big easy!! 🙂



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