HotSos Symposium and IOUG Collaborate 2016

I fly out on Sunday for HotSos and am looking forward to giving a joint keynote with Jeff Smith, as well as giving two brand new sessions on Enterprise Manager New Features.  IOUG’s Collaborate is just a month afterwards, so the spring conference chaos is officially under way.


With running the RMOUG conference, Feb. 9th-11th, I think you can imagine what my response was like when I realized how much content I had to produce for HotSos’ two sessions and then another four for Collaborate, plus a Hands on Lab.


As focused as I’ve been on day job demands for a new product, Oracle Management Cloud, which I’m sure you’ve heard of as it goes through trials, I found myself furiously building out everything I needed for my Enterprise Manager 13c environment.  At the same time, we needed to build and test out the HOL container environment and then Brian Spendolini was kind enough to give me access to the Oracle Public Cloud to test out the new Database as a Service with Hybrid Cloud offering.

I know all of it is going to be awesome, but my brain works like a McDonalds with 256 open drive thrus, so until it comes together at the end, I’m sure it looks pretty chaotic.


With that said, everything is starting to come together, first with HotSos and then with Collaborate, really well.

HotSos Symposium 2016

This will be my fourth year presenting at HotSos Symposium and where other conferences may have mixed content, this is all about performance.  It’s my favorite topic and I really get to discuss the features that I love-  AWR, ASH, EM Metrics, SQL Monitor, AWR Warehouse.  It’s all technical, all the time and I really enjoy the personal feel of the conference that the HotSos group put into it, as well as the quality of the attendees that are there with such a focused objective on what they want to learn.

That Jeff and I are going to do our keynote on Social Media at HotSos really demonstrates the importance of it’s value to a techie career.  Social Media is assumed to be natural to those that are technically fluent and to be honest, it can be a very foreign concept.  Hopefully those in attendance will gain value in professional branding and how it can further their career.

IOUG Collaborate 2016

Collaborate is another conference where I enjoy speaking at immensely.  The session attendance is high, allowing you to reach a large user base and the locations often change from year to year, offering you some place new to visit.  The venue this year is in Las Vegas at the Mandalay.  There’s so much to do during the event that its almost impossible for you to go outside or do something outside the hotel, ( can you call these monstrosities in Las Vegas just a “hotel”? :))  and I know I only went outside once back in 2014 after arriving.


Joe Diemer did a great job putting together a page to locate all the great Enterprise Manager and Oracle Management Cloud content at Collaborate this year.  Make sure to bookmark this and use those links to fulfill your Collaborate scheduler so you don’t miss out on any of it!  This includes incredible presenters and I know I’ll be using it to try and see sessions for a change!

Along with my four technical sessions, I’ll be doing a great HOL with Courtney Llamas and Werner DeGruyter.  We’re updating last year’s session, (OK, we’re pretty much writing a whole new HOL…) to EM13c and we’re going to cover all the latest and coolest new features, so don’t miss out on this great pre-conference hands on lab!

Hopefully I’ll see you either this next week at HotSos or in April at Collaborate!