First Day at Microsoft, the Satya Way

So I’ve finally crawled my way back out of the hole I dug myself in this last month.  The house is empty, the 5th wheel is ready for us to move into and I’m now in Redmond, doing my NEO, (New Employee Orientation.)

I swear this is all I see in my head every time I hear “NEO” 🙂

D&I Epiphany

The first epiphany is that Microsoft, unlike most companies, is really walking the walk when it comes to diversity.  The percentage of women and people of color is by far, the largest I’ve ever seen at an on boarding event.  This gave me all the feels, as many know how important it is to me.  I don’t feel you can build the technology of tomorrow if the people building it doesn’t represent the world of today.

D&I, (Diversity and Inclusion) is a huge buzzword these days and although many companies are trying to undertake the challenge, they aren’t showing any changes in the way of hiring or leadership.  The same pale and male is seen at every on boarding, event and promotions recognition.  The investment in programs to discuss change is there, but real change just isn’t happening and I often hear only excuses of why change isn’t occurring.  I saw REAL change today and that was really a change for me-  a happy change.

Actual NEO Coverage

It’s the standard fare, but they cover it very well.  I feel comfortable that I can start to locate my benefit information, how to become part of my company at a cultural level, (even as a remote employee) and know where to find help.  It’s well thought out and fleshed out.

Now time to start drinking from the fire hose…wish me luck!


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