Women in Tech Book and Upcoming SQL Saturday Events

Its been a busy holiday for me. Tim and I spent the days traveling since the weekend after Christmas until January 2nd moving the RV from California to Texas. I’m not the biggest fan of the Southwest- I just like green and water too much… 🙂

Crushing IT Bias Book

The evenings and nights were spent finishing up my book on Women in Technology, called “Crushing the IT Gender Bias” with Apress. I’ve been working on it for over six months in my spare time and it’s surprising just how much it takes to get a book out the door. I also wanted to create my own graphs from research data out there, so I got to use my newly honed skills in Power BI to good use.

The book is already available for pre-order on Amazon and will be out on June 10th, 2019. I’m finishing up the last chapter now, created all the graphics, and have already finished the reviews and updates to the other chapters, so we’re looking good!

Upcoming SQL Saturdays

With this finishing up, I can now look towards the future and the 2019 talks coming up. The first is SQL Saturday Nashville. Tamara Clark and the team there put on an awesome event. They understand how to market it to the hilt and it’s a great city to visit even if you didn’t want to learn from all the fantastic content. This SQL Saturday pretty much kicks off the new year on January 12th and I’ll be jumping a flight from San Antonio, Tx. there and coming back into Galveston. Yes, this is what its like traveling to SQL Saturdays when every two weeks you also move your RV… 🙂

Angela Tidwell and I already figured out who is getting to the hotel first and when the Nashville party starts. It won’t be too much of a party, since I’ll be presenting, “Taming of the Shrew: Optimizing Power BI” a session I’ve reworked since my first time giving it at Atlanta’s SQL Saturday, Power BI Edition last year.

The next event is another mixed jump- on February 2nd, I’ll be at SQL Saturday Cleveland. Another large PASS regional event in the area, I’m looking forward to seeing another large group of friends, many of them will also be at the Nashville event, (definite jealousy on how close the mid-eastern area cities are and how they just do a road trip to different city’s regional events!) We’ll find out if third times a charm, as I’ll be giving my Taming of the Shrew talk again.

That leads me into February and the events kick in even more, not to mention customer travel. I have a number of customer trips in January, too, but I’m just going to get on planes when my smartphone instructs me to and I’ll make out just fine.



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