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DBA Rants

The Right Tools for the Job

I chose to work for Oracle because I wanted to immerse myself in the Oracle Enterprise Manager product.  It was the right place for me.  It didn’t matter that I had a background as a multi-platform DBA or that I my skill set was deeply involved in optimization of complex, large databases.  I knew it […]


Note Pro 12.2 Review- Officially Drove Me to Apple!

I am a long time supporter of Samsung products- I’ve always had Samsung phones, (currently a Note 3 owner…) Samsung TVs, monitors and even have a Samsung microwave and refrigerator. I love Samsung products and this has included my tablets, recently deciding to upgrade my Samsung Note 10.1, (original) for a Samsung Note Pro 12.2. […]


Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight- Medical Profession Rant

It’s been such a long time since I posted anything on my blog.  I had this post, last save time was on Dec. 13th, which is ironic considering the subject and what ended up happening that day.  I’m going to ramble a bit, but there is a message here folks… I’ve always been a strong […]


Jessica Ridgeway

This is my first blog post that isn’t on a technical subject, but this one has been rolling around in my head the last couple days… Jessica Ridgeway’s home is not far from my own.  My ex-husband owned a home just four blocks from hers and my dogs played at the dog park in the […]


OOW Monday-Wednesday

Yes, still catching up on Blog posts… Monday is the official start of Oracle Open World.  I planned to be onsite at the Enkitec booth from the time the exhibitors hall opened and I was a few minutes early.  I hadn’t received an exhibitors ribbon, (one of the few missing from my extended display from […]


RMOUG Training Days 2013 Submission for Abstracts are OPEN!

As many know, I’ve taken on the mantle of Training Days Director this year for RMOUG’s Training Days 2013.  I don’t have much time in the month of August, but wanted to remind everyone that the submission for abstracts is open and can be found on the main RMOUG website page. We are also looking […]


Disaster Recovery and Other Sacrifices

If you desire a subject that will invoke deep passion and often combined with disgust from a group of DBA’s, disaster recovery is the one.  It is the subject that rarely we feel our butts are not out there hanging, no matter how much we’ve attempted to secure our environment. I’ve observed a consistent flow […]


The Care and Feeding of Good, Skilled Employees

A blog post by Simon Cooper sent up a reminder of a subject that has been at the forefront of my mind for the last couple weeks and is a follow up to my blog post The Superman Conundrum.  I’d had lunch with a previous coworker from years ago about  less than stellar management behavior directed […]


The Superman Conundrum

I used to collect comic books when I was a kid, so superheroes are close and dear to my heart, but just not as crazy about the expectation that technical support experts be held to the expecation of infallible like Superman. I’ve both experienced and have discussed with other technical folks regarding this situation that, as of late and in all common […]


The Seasons of a DBA

As busy as I am these days, I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, (no, it’s not a train!)  We have a new DBA training that is doing bang up job and I do believe there is some lull in the demands of our busy season. As a database administrator, I’m happiest […]


Building Right or Build Twice- That is the Question…

This question seems to pop into my mind consistently over the years as a DBA.  I’m a “build it right or don’t build it at all” kind of DBA, but due to my gift for finding problems and fixing them, I find myself more and more often performing the second build on processes/procedures/designs, which I often would like […]


RMOUG Deadbeat

Do you ever get that feeling that something just isn’t right, but you have no experience to go on and you’re just too busy to check up on it?  I thought it was a bit strange that there wasn’t more communication between the RMOUG management and speakers, but it’s my first time as a presenter, […]


To Patch or Not to Patch, that is the Question…

I’ve found myself “whining” in the middle of an Oracle Freelist email conversations in regards to patching-  or the actual need to patch. As a DBA, I have a love/hate relationship with patching.  I love that if there is a bug in a version of Oracle, I can simply log into Metalink, (or My Oracle Support […]


November DBA Rant

OK, Who else out there has a 3.8TB tablespace? Anyone, anyone? Bueller, Bueller?? I know, I know- Oracle can support terabytes and terabytes of data in one tablespace, so what is my complaint? Most developers, both database and application do not have the technology to access that data efficiently enough and DBA’s rarely have the […]


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