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SIOUG and HROUG Fall Conferences, 2014!

I’ve just returned from my honeymoon in Venice with the wonderful Tim Gorman, but before we enjoyed our week in this picturesque city, we spent a week doing joint keynotes and two sessions each on our own tech topics at these two incredible conferences in neighboring countries. SIOUG, (Slovenia Oracle User Group) in Ljubljana, Slovenia […]


Building a Great Conference Agenda

We are deep into RMOUG’s abstract submissions and reviews, preparing for the following: Oct. 2nd-  Close of Abstract Submissions Oct. 6th-  Close of Abstract Reviews Oct. 10th-  Schedule up for 2015 Training Days With this weighing so heavily on my mind, I felt it might be a good time to put down on paper why […]


Dealing with Wi-Fi Problems the DBA Kevlar Way

As much as KSCOPE 14 fixed any and all Low-T levels, it couldn’t do anything for our the WiFi problems we were experiencing back in May. I’ve been a telecommuter for almost 4 straight years now and was quite frustrated when our WiFi service became dismal back then. We called Comcast service and worked through […]


Why Go To Oracle?

I’m still asked this question, as I’ve worked for some really fantastic companies in the past and the idea that I “gave up” my Oracle ACE Director and my voting board position at RMOUG seems a high price to pay when I could have gone anywhere.  I do appreciate it, as many just want what’s […]


Supporting Your Virtual VMs, Post II, PC and VM/Image Settings

I’m in the midst of transferring over to my travel laptop to run all my VMs on and retiring my previous ASUS work laptop to my youngest son.  I was surprised to find out that not ALL laptops are set up to run virtual environments these days. 1.  Virtualization may not be enabled in the […]


Oracle Open World- Sunday!

The ACE Director briefings are done and now we are onto Sunday sessions.  I’ve already had a couple meetings with folks today and wondering why I didn’t wear flats at 2pm in the afternoon, but there are the important necessities that must be taken care of, like when am I speaking this week, so here’s […]


KSCOPE 2013 Review

I returned home last night after a week in the great city of New Orleans for ODTUG’s KSCOPE 2013.  We arrived last Thursday, Tim is a director on the board, so were picked up from the airport in grand fashion and were delivered to our lovely suite at the hotel-  ODTUG making sure we were […]


RMOUG WIT- Honest Comment and Honest Response

As many of you know, the WIT Session at RMOUG and subsequent planning for a WIT program has been very successful.  I just received my evaluations, as this was offered just like any technical session.  There was a wonderfully, honest comment that I hope the author will not mind me sharing anonymously and I hope […]


Apples vs. Oranges vs. Jelly Bean

How many computers are in your home?  After a quick search on the web, I found that the average number of computers in the American home has increased from 2009’s numbers of 75% having 1-2 computers to 86% having two or more for 2012.  I believe portable devices such as smart phones and tablets have […]


Slides from Oracle Open World and Other Schtuff!

A couple folks have emailed me, looking for my slides from Oracle Open World.  Both presentations can be viewed here at Enktiec’s website, along with all my great coworker’s presentations, as well. If you are still looking for my interview with Oracle Technology Network on contributing to the Oracle community and User group involvement, that […]


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